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Bush Admits He Watched First Plane Hit on 9/11


Bush says he watched the first plane strike the tower, just before going into the classroom.


Here is Bush talking about explosives on 9/11


Here's Bush having a bicycle accident in 2006.


Here's a pic of Bush being brilliant:


I bet those libs will use this as an opportunity to smear Bush. Us conservatives would never do that. We didn't react even when that black guy in the white house now told us to wash our hands.


Van Jones, is that you?


Here's the United States 8 years later with several planned attacks having been thwarted and none having succeeded.


Question: How did Bush watch the crash on the telly, at the time it happened? It was only later that tapes were shown on TV. Live feed?

Or is he so incredibly stupid that he mixed it all up in that speech?


Yup, almost all of them cases where the FBI or CIA lured some halfwits into a trap.

The one that mattered though already has succeeded.


You can say one thing about the anti Bush crowd: they're nothing if not consistent. Of course I could say more, but that will do for now.


Think about this for a moment. I remember that morning when all the channels cut away for live updates. They all showed a gaping hole in the first tower, debris flying out, and reports of a plane flying into the tower. A short time later, cameras still on the towers, a second plane came into view and struck the second tower. In the days, weeks, months and years later, I still refer to watching the plane strike the first building. It was a traumatic event. It is an easy slip of the tongue. I believe you are reading way too much into this.

Just my opinion. I doubt it will change yours or anyone else.
You are a smart man. I just think silliness like this diverts your attention to the real issues we are now facing.


Hence my "out of character" comment directed at him that you called me out on. I just can't take him serious most(not all) of the time.


Well you can say one thing about Bush apologists.

They are willing to sacrifice everything for a little bit of perceived safety.

If they could sacrifice their first born to be downgraded to the magenta alert or whatever the color for complete emasculation currently is they probably would.

Of course I could say more, but that will do for now.


I agree and thank you for the compliment (likewise). He's probably embellishing as politicians are wont to do.


Are you speaking 'serious'? LOL!

I thought the eloquence of 'His Highness' would inspire all the Obama supporters to tweak up their skills.

Perhaps Irish is tutoring now.


That would have been hard since he was in the classroom when it happened.


I agree on all counts.

Bush was human gaff dispenser, but that doesn't make somebody stupid. Nobody can top that gaffomatic deluxe Joe Biden, but he isn't stupid either. How bout Obama's 57 states or a hundred other slips of the tongue that every mortal human commits?

Headhunter is a smart guy and I agree with a lot of what he says, but goes a little cockeyed just often enough to harm his own credibility. A topic I have addressed myself in the past.


What I find amusing is that Bush is still news to the Bush haters. I don't think that they will ever be able to move on. I can see you guys 45 years from now in your walkers slowly moving up the walkway: (geezer voice): "That dirty Bush is a toothless SOB, in my day we hated em and WE STILL DO!"

Personally I think you guys are as funny as the Obama "birthers". There's something about extremes that always tickles me.

Nothing personal.

One more word on Obama, may he keep us as safe for the remainder of his term as Bush did for 8 years.


about one or two months ago I heard Obama say the following: "Everyone is "wee weeing" all over the place about health care reform."

I laughed so hard I almost split a gut.

I thought just for a second that I would hear that over and over again on all the major media outlets, then of course reality hit me. The press was there to expose every little verbal gaffe that Bush uttered. With Obama the press is there to serve him and cover his errors.


Agreed. I am not a fan of Bush, but opening up these wounds again does no good and in this case is just plain silly.