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Bus babe update

Don’t worry, I’ve seen this movie.

You’ll be about to get happily married to an awesome girl. THEN you’ll be flying over a deserted island and crash on it, and run into your bus-girl. After 7 days, chemistry will almost take its toll when you’ll be rescued.

Seriously, bud, I don’t think that hunting all around campus is healthy. I mean, I’VE done it, but it isn’t healthy. I’ve learned that the best way to find girls is just to let them come to you.

Oh, and if you have a lab, you want two things in a lab partner. You want them to be smart and hard-working. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell who’s smart. So, just ask the prettiest girl (she’ll probably say yes), and you can hope that she’s smart and hardworking. It’s worked okay for me …