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Burt's Training Log

I keep thinking about starting a log and figured I’d finally get around to doing it. First, a bit of background. I’ve been lifting for 30+ years. 18 of those were competitive powerlifting, 40 meets both equipped and raw. That plus being too heavy plus various sports have left me with some beat up knees, a couple of bicep tears and some wear and tear on my shoulders. So, no more powerlifting for me – my goals are to keep the muscle I’ve got while continuing to slowly get a bit leaner and possibly drop some bodyweight along the way.

Second, current stats. 225#, 20.3% BF per my last DEXA. This was up 5.3# of lean tissue, down 3.8# of fat and down 1.8% BF since the prior years DEXA scan (I’m using the scans like a yearly physical – making sure I’m either maintaining or heading in the right direction). 43 years old.

My training the last eight weeks and the next eight weeks is inspired by this article: Total Body Training. I say inspired by as I’ve had to make enough modifications to this that it probably isn’t fair to say I’m following it.

11/9/21, Day 1, Week 1

Modified KOT Zero knee program

Miniband pullaparts: 2x30
Incline Dumbbell Bench: 3x5x95, 10x90
Dumbbell Chest Supported Row: 3x5x90, 10x70
Dumbbell Curls: 3x5x45
Floor Dumbbell Triceps 5x45, 2x5x40
RDL 3x5x285
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat 2x5x70, 5x80

60 seconds rest all sets. Logged only work sets.



14 mile bike ride, mostly flat.

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11/11/21, Day 2, Week 1

Modified KOT Zero Program

Neutral Grip Overhead 3x8x135
D bell laterals 3x8x30
Angles 90 Pull-ups 8,8,6
T Bar Rows 2x8x120, 10x120
2x mini band ball leg curls 3x12
Zercher Squats 3x8x155
L sits 3x15 seconds

First try in a while with the Zerchers. Felt great on my knees, not so much on my left arm — got some solid numbness in my forearm that still hasn’t dissipated. The left is the arm I tore my bicep on twice and so I’ll be substituting something else for these next week.


11/13/21, Day 3, Week 1

Modified KOT Zero Program

Neutral Grip Bench: 2x15x195
Dbell Flies + Mini: 2x15x25
Dbell Rows: 2x15x80
Face pulls: 15x45, 15x55
GH Raises (hands at sides): 2x15
Sled (tank): two trips at setting 3
Backwards sled (tank): two trips at setting 2
Roman Chair Situps: 2x20

Weekly average bodyweight: 225.3

I realized I can rig something that will approximate a belt squat with just the equipment I have already, so I’m going to give that a whirl for my squat movement this coming week.



26.5 mile bike, ~1800 feet of climbing. Beautiful day for a ride; so grateful to live in an area where I can cycle in shorts and short sleeves in the middle of November.

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Hi Burt. Welcome to the old folk’s home. Since powerlifting is out, are you looking at bodybuilding or other meets?

Thanks! No meets, shows or races planned. I’m just enjoying lifting, which is more of a bodybuilding style of training these days.

11/16/21, Day 1, Week 2 (Antagonist week)

Modified KOT Zero knee program

Miniband pullaparts: 2x30
Incline Dumbbell Bench: 2x5x100, 7x100
Dumbbell Chest Supported Row: 2x5x85, 8x85
Dumbbell Curls: 2x5x45, 6x45
Floor Dumbbell Triceps 2x5x40, 6x45
RDL 3x5x300
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat 4x5x80
Farmers and L-Sit superset for 5 minutes

First time in a long time I’ve been over 300 on the RDL. And I got to mess around with my new 100s, so a good session. I continue to be surprised how much I like the antagonist weeks.



12.5 mile bike, about 700 feet of climbing. Its getting harder to get these in before it gets dark. Might need to start sneaking away over the noon hour instead.


11/18/21, Day 2, Week 2 (Antagonist Day)

Modified KOT Zero Program

Neutral Grip Overhead 3x8x140
Angles 90 Pull-ups 4x8
D bell laterals 3x8x30
T Bar Rows 2x8x135, 10x135
GH Raises 3x8x10, 8x15
Belt Squat 2x8x180, 15x180
Squat up to 8x225
L sits 3x15 seconds

It was fun rigging the belt squat up and it felt like a good movement. Not a great choice for a day where I was supposed to do sets of 8. I’ll bring this back later in the cycle on a high rep day. Regular squats felt pretty good. I’m cautiously optimistic that when I become able to do the ATG split squat on the ground that I might be able to return to some light squatting. We’ll see.


11/21/21, Day 3, Week 2 (Antagonist Day)

Modified KOT Zero Program

Mini band pullaparts 2x30
HS Incline Bench 2x15x90
HS Iso Low Row 15x70, 15x80
Flies 15x115, 15x145 (had to switch machines)
Dbell Rows 2x15x85
Leg Curls 2x15x98
Leg Press 2x15x540
Med ball abs

Weekly average bodyweight: 224

It’s been a bit since I’ve been in a gym. I miss the machines but doing antagonist training in my garage is so much easier. It will be interesting to see what a week in flyover country does to my bodyweight.