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Bursting on TRT

I have been on a TRT for about a year now, taking 75mg of Test Enanthate 2x a week (it’s my optimal after much experimentation) and 250mg of HCG 2x a week. It’s really helped me in every way.

What I want to do now is occasionally do a 4 week burst were I up my dose of Test and add Equipoise to the mix. I compete in a sport were I need to add on more mass/strength than I am able to put on without some more help, but I workout extensively and meticulous with what I eat so I can´t simply improve on those fronts.

What I am unsure about is how to manage when I come off these bursts as a normal PCT would entail stopping all Test and add Nolva/Clomid to the mix. I have easy access to any gear I need.

It would be really helpful to hear from those have either done this or have knowledge beyond mine as I haven´t found any solid information about this.