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Burst Medicine Ball

My 8 lb. medicine ball burst open yesterday doing tosses on grass. What the hell is that? I have the Power Med Balls from Power Systems which are designed for tosses and throws on any surface.

First a sledgehammer and now a medicine ball. Either you’re getting faulty products or you are a “Machine”.

Maybe there was a nail? something sharp? rock? or your HERCULES…

No shit dude, take it easy!

Can you just coat the thing in duct tape?

Always remember, duct tape.

Adam Marshall

sorry but this post is so funny. I’m not laughing at your misfortune just at the event itself would be funny if seen. I suggest you contact the company and tell them your story. Hopefully they will send you a new one. Tell them that you did not misuse the product in any way to compromise its structural integrity and that the product was defective. laters pk