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Burst Blood Vessel in Eye


Hey, last night while benching I guess I blew a blood vessel in my eye and now the white of my left eye is about 1/3 red. I hear this isnt cause for health concern. But MY CONERN, is whether I should rest or if it doesn't matter and I can still train? Any experience? Will it get worse if I train again?



I'm not a doctor, but from what I understand, a burst blood vessel in the eye clears up without any treatment in a week or two. Personally I'd train normally and watch it closely and see a doctor if it gets worse.


Thanks mkral. Any else had any experience? I was planning on putting on my squat suit today. Maybe I will give myself an extra days rest from that. Perhaps benching is ok? I burst it while wearing a tight shirt yesterday so I imagine some lighter raw benching wont be too bad? Thoughts?


It's happened to me before while squatting, and I didn't notice it being a problem. Felt fine, kept training, didn't die


My previous pl coach would get broken blood vessels in his eyes all the time from benching heavy, he just ignored it, kept training, trained hard the next session, he was always fine.


Great. Thanks very much guys. I really don't want to continue to freak people out like this hahaha. People keep taking second looks at me and telling me I need to see a doctor...


I blew out blood vessels in both eyes squatting. For a few weeks, my eyes were both completely red, no white whatsoever. Keep lifting heavy, its not gonna hurt anything.


it's just part of lifting. i regularly blow out my eyes, have ruptured my eardrum, have huge nose bleeds, get broken blood vessels in my face, neck and chest. i've had bruises in the creases of my arms at the elbow from the skin stretching from doing heavy pulls.

no big deal. i find that vagisil has helped me the most.


I really hope that someday I'll be strong enough to literally blow out an eardrum from a heavy lift.


as stated, it happens.

I get them from DLs, mostly, and from some gymnastic movements.

Ammonia helps by dilating the blood vessels. Less pressure built up.


I like when I freak people out....

Burst blood vessels are no big issue. I have some acne on my chest, and a little on my face, and when I squat heavy I bleed through shirts and blood runs down my face, stuff in my eyes pop, I have nosebleeds from time to time, ect....

All part of the game.


Damn I've never gotten a nose bleed before. Sometimes I wonder why because I feel I train as hard as I can. I think shit like that only happens once you're really fucking strong.


A young guy was squatting with us last night....has acne pretty bad. He got to bleeding thru his shirt so bad it looked like he had been tied to a whipping post.


I've seen that on a minor scale in highschool a few times, pretty gross haha

Whats happening that people get nosebleeds and all that anyway? I was told the pressure has no where to go but curiosity has me wondering.


If my eyes don't have any red blotches I probably haven't been training hard enough!


Its called a conjunctival haemorrhage, caused by a burst blood vessel. Self limiting, although warm compresses may help to clear the blood earlier(only use after 12 hours of initial episode). Some people are more prone than others.

Your welcome.



Do you put the vagisil in your eyes too?


Thanks, now I feel much better after reading all your posts.
I had a tiny eye capillary burst after combined exercise with dumbbells and I just started recently having regular workouts.


Whoa! I haven't seen you on in forever. Welcome back.

Does this kind of thing usually only happen in gear or does it happen raw too? I have a hunch it's more common in gear because it increases blood pressure more.


I crashed a helo in Afghanistan and my left eye hemorrhaged for 2 months among other things. Anyway a broken capillary is nothing to worry about. You can over time build up scar tissue from this but its rare as the eye is one of the best at self healing and rejuvenation. If you see a "water spot" in your vision or leakage/pink tearing after a broken vessel get you ass to the optometrist immediately.