So, my knee’s been messed up, holding lots of fluid for about 3 weeks now. I had it drained once, and when I had my followup w/ the ortho surg, he said I had Bursitis. He explained that I ruptured the bursa sac in my knee, and when I bend the joint, it fills up w/ fluid. He put me in a brace for 3 weeks, and said to stay off of it. No running, bending it, walking around…etc.

Anyone else ever have this problem? He told me I might need surgery if it keeps filling up w/ fluid! I just wanna be able to start lifting hard again!

i was never officially diagnosed with this but this sounds very familiar to what happened to me… i was sprinting one day and all of a sudden my knee didnt feel good. my knee filled with a greenish/yellowish fluid a couple of days later… it was drained twice in two weeks… the 2nd time i was injected with corisone… that seemed to work… it took me about a month and half to walk normally again.

some orthos will hesitate to get into the joint for fear of infecting it, theyll probably give you something along the lines of feldene… take it and stay off the leg for a while… use cortisone and surgery only as a last resort

Thanks Dan. They wrapped in a brace made out of ace bandages basically for 2 weeks now, which does a pretty decent job of imobilizing the joint, but not enough where i can’t work the clutch on my car. I’ve been doing very little on my leg, almsot no bending it or anything else. I do still go to the gym, but it’s mostly pullups and any exercises where I put no pressure on my knee.

I see the ortho again next mon morning, and hopefully I’ll get some good news that I can resume training. this is seriously cutting into my lifestyle!

And they initially gave me Keflex in case of an infection, and I’ve been taking Naproxen the whole time to help keep swelling down.

i feel your pain. the best thing you can do is wait out the injury. keep us posted on your progress.

is ART just not popular anymore?

Yeah man, find a good sports rehab guy (theres alot of good chirpractors that are also pretty damn good with sports rehab, check out ARTs website, i found a great ART guy who does sports rehab) but yeah man, that sucks ive messed up every joint in my body when i first started lifting, thank goodness for t-mag though, helped me fix alot of my own problems and those i couldnt fix i my chiro helped me with

I don’t think ART will be able to do much for a ruptured bursa.

I’ve never been there but my biggest piece of advice would be to stay off it every minute that the doctor tells you to. Too often people are in a hurry get back on an injured limb and they end up needing extra time off as a result of their rush. Don’t end up in that boat.