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Bursitis or Tendinitis?


so i tried Chad Waterbury’s 30 day mass plan, and on day 17 i noticed something happened to my shoulders. must be the floor db press (elbows flared).its the sharp pain i had years ago when one doc told me i have a bursitis in the shoulder while another one said its an inflammation of the biceps tendon (tendonitis? tendinitis?) so im not sure what i got, i know its painful.

the other question is what i should do. im not feeling like going to a doc to get cortisol injections again. would ice massage help? should i quit the workout and take a long rest? or only avoid pressing movements? thx

Without an exact diagnosis it is hard to give exact advice. However, both bursitis and tendinitis are overuse injuries. This suggests RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).