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Bursitis of the Shoulder

First, can I say that it s*cks to get old. I’m 50 and have what appears to be Burstis in both shoulders. I’m following full body work outs by Alwyn Cosgrove.

Any one have suggestions or supplements that will make my Bursitis go away?

Thank you!


Bursitis -may- eventually go away if the underlying cause heals (most commonly a supraspinatus tear), however this does not always happen. Usually, you need a cortisone injection into your shoulder which will remove inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) and make you pain free. The underlying tear may not heal, but you’ll be pain free and they are often of little consequence if they are small tears.

The progression is this

  1. See your GP. He’ll determine a painful arc and refer you for ultrasound
  2. Ultrasound detects bursitis and a cause for the bursitis (usually)
  3. You get a cortisone injection and if there is a full thickness tear (unlikely) you’ll need surgery. If not, just the injection and perhaps some rehab

Since you say its bursitis, chances are you’ve already had the ultrasound and your GP should have advised you about the cortisone injection

Similar issue for 6+ months. If I over do most upper body work (pressing/flyes) especially, shoulders quickly become inflamed. What has worked for me are prehab/rehab - google 7-minute rotator cuff solution. I do suggest work out both as suggested on upper body days and very light with 30-50 reps on lower body days (gets circulation into shoulders to aid healing).

The 7m solution also suggest changes to some exercises, which I’ve done and helped greatly.

Supplements are fish oil/Flameout, curcumin, and antioxidants (ALA, NAC).