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whats gooood im here to get a lil bigger and stronger and whatever other goals inspire me.
today i did some deadlifts, kept it bitch weight to work on some form, first time ive done deads in a hot minute

deads 275 5sets3reps
deads standing on a plate 225 2x6
BB rows 135 3sets12reps
wide lat pulldowns 160 3sets12reps
back ext. 25plate 2x15
db rows 70s 3sets10reps
prone trap raises 45s and bb shrugs both 3x12
bb wrist curls palms down then palms up 30lbs and hammer curls 35s all 3x10
got the abs on point
cable crunches x20 twisting leg raises x10each side chins x10 and planks for the burn 3 sets

tryin to hit 405 deadlift sometime soon, but im not pushin it too quick since im gettin the groove back. just tryin to make my 6’4 220 frame diesel as hell. fuck pics, im to cute for that shit

what the hell i gotta learn how to put youtube vids on here

did shoulders and a lil biceps, was tryin to just do cardio today but tomorrow i cant lift so i thought what the hell ill just lift today

face pulls 50x3x10 with close grip bench 155x3x8

hs shoulder press 1 plate and 1 25 a side 3x10
db front raise 15x10 20x10 25x2x10
lat raise machine 80x3x12

db incline curls 25x3x12
ez bar preachers 60x3x8
shoulder triset with the 15s 3x10

it is what it is ill hit this session harder next week and keep my sessions on schedule

hit up chest/shoulders/tris today lets see how it looks on paper

bench- 135x12 165x5 185x2 205x1 185x5 135x15
hs incline press 140x2x8 90x15
db incline flys 35sx2x10

hs shoulder press 90x10 110x8 140x8 90x2x10
db lateral raise 30sx3x10
db front raise 25sx2x10

v pressdowns 95x3x15 and cable incline flys 20sx3x15

doin saucy squat day tomorrow

was gonna do squats today but couldnt get to the gym so i did a lil back at mi casa

neutral chins +25 3x6 and repped with just bw for a couple sets
db rows 80 5x8 sauce
ez curls 70 3x8

lil circut action:
25lb plate curls 3x10
strict ez bar rows for shits 70 3x10
chins didnt keep track just repped out

squats are goin down tomorrow burrrr

did shoulders and squats today, first time ive squatted in a hot minute or done any leg work in general. first day back, what what

push press(lil bit of leg, a lotta shoulders) warmed up to 135x5 then 95 for some sets for form
db lat raise 30s 3x10

super duper skewhaaats 225 4x4 185x14
good mornings 95 5x10
leg press 5 plates side 4x10 and a strip set for shits
fucked around with different calf raises, gotta work on ankle flexibility cus thats suckin right now

shoulder triset 15s 2x10

my legs felt stiffer than a boner, gotta get back in the groove, but fuck it i got nothin but time

about to hit the gym and get the guns blazin, by the way i know my lifting schedule is random as tits right now but im gonna be out of town for 4 days starting thursday so i thought it be a good time to say fuck it and lift what im feelin, once i get back im gonna put a little more structure into my schedule

kept it a chill bro mon arm sesh

v grip pushdowns 115 3x8
ez bar curls 70 3x8
ez bar incline skulls 60 3x10
incline db curls 25s 3x10

2 sets of chins and dips max reps

3 sets of wrist curls 30lbs

2 sets of ab circuit

badda bing badda bang done

chest and back today felt salty but saucy at the same time :o

bench 95x8 145x5 185x6,3,2,3 then stripped to 135 for some 1 and 1/2 reps
db incline bench 60s x5,5 50s x5,7,10

lat pulldowns 160 4x8
db rows 70 x6,9,10

machine pec flys 160 3x12 superset with machine rows 140 3x12

cardio - squat jumps x5 then 100lb dbs farmer walks x4

might as well make this log legitimate, 19 elderly years old 6’4 (closer to 6’5 but im humble lolz) 220lbs no clue bf% or any of the intricacies, but thats not the main concern right now, im using the winter time to put on the mass and get strong

best lifts i have ever lifted:

bench 185x7

squat 275x2

deadlift 315x9

strict military 135x7

all these pr’s will be shattered throughout the course of the winter by means of “getting on my big man shit”
i am by nature a skinny lanky goofy tall guy. when i first layed my pencil-thick back onto the cold padding of the bench press, i managed to muscle through a grizzly 10 reps with a whopping 65lbs, yeah.

schedule and main lifts:
chest/back (bench and pullups)

the wheels (squats and deadlifts)

shoulders arms (push press/military and who really cares about the arms)

gonna hit the bench with 1-2 heavy sets and a drop set
chins until i cant chin no more

ill start squatting heavy and high rep deadlifts then alternate the two every couple of weeks

i want to work on my push press form so ill do a little higher volume but keep the weight easy

the work starts monday, until then

“Salty but saucy” Hahaha, I’m gonna use that!

this weekend’s over and im back on my weightlifting grizzy. chest and back today. felt nice and strong from the rest days but did her nice and easy today for the form, but you know i still did her good

bench 185x5,6 135 1 and 1/2 reps repped out for a hot minute
db incline bench 60x6,8,8,8

chins x6 +15x6,7,6,5
db rows 70x8,6,6 85(burrr)x5 then repped with the 50s db bent over row with both hands

superset machine flys 160x12,12,12,12
funky cable row 100x15,15,15,15

lil abs to get the motion back in the ocean then i called it quits

squats and deads training tomorrow

[quote]hastalles wrote:
“Salty but saucy” Hahaha, I’m gonna use that![/quote]

haha by all means brother use it and abuse it, you have the right to choose it

but in all seriousness thanks for checkin out the log

the wheels were spinnin today

squat 245x4,4,4 135 paused for the form

deadlift 225x12,12 deadlifting after squats is no fun but im gonna do it anyway

ghr on the floor x5,6 the hammies were burnin

back extentions x15,15 super strict

leg press 4 plates a side x12,12,17 ill move up weight once i can get a super strict 30rep set

cardio and abs tomorrow, ima keeep on truckin

shoulders and arms, cardio and abs can wait since i was primed to lift

push press 135x3,3,3,3 95x10 held last rep overhead for a hot minute
db lat raises 35s x9,10,10
db rear delt raises on the incline bench 20s x10,13

ez bar curls 70x6,6,7,7
v grip pushdowns 130x10,12,8,6
machine preacher curls 90x9,9,9
dips x10,10,10

BB reverse wrist curls/ BB wrist curls/ DB hammer curls
30x10,10,10 / 30x12,12,15 / 30s x7 35s x7 40s x6 then drop set

shoulder tri set 15s 2x10

well shit this looks like a lot on paper but i was in the gym for just under an hour, awwww shitttt

cardio and abz for realz tomorrow

cardio and aaaaabsssss

circuit: hang clean 135x5/ back ext. x10/ decline sit ups x10/ overhead medicine ball squats x20
did a couple sets of this

abs: cable crunches 100x20/ hanging oblique knee raises 15x10/ planks 45 plate x awhile
couple sets

20 minutes on the treadmill, walking for a couple minutes then runnin for a couple minutes kept on repeating

and let me tell you what, doing cardio and breathing right really clears out the lungs. i swear they made my lungs feel so good that im gonna cut back on the cigs and start dippin again like the old days. i know you health buffs probably frown upon the tobacco but its really helpin me stay sober. the way i see it right now, id rather be catchin the nicotine buzz to keep my head humble then rollin in the club and blowin money left and right tryin to be the young stunna that i used to be. i know i sound crazy but we live in a crazy world, and im just tryin to get my head right again.

got an early chest and back session in, was tired as tits goin into this one but still managed to put in some work. and… from now on i should probably do chest and back after a rest day, my traps and abs were killing me for some reason from doing hang cleans and the nasty ab circuit

bench 185x7,5 135 1&1/2 reps didnt count reps
db incline bench 60’s x6,6,(by this time i felt drained, took a short break and got a gatorade) then set of 11

chins +25 x5,4 bw x8
db rows 70 x8,8,8,8

incline cable flys 17.5 x 12,12,12
funky cable row 100x12,12,12

farmers walk 90 lb db’s
pushups 10,10,10,10

the last superset felt real good. reeeeeal good
im gettin stronger in the bench, my form’s feelin on point and i like it

… and for the g in me

im switching up my routine, a bench/deadlift day and a push press/squat day, its gonna b the tits. but i forgot to log yesterdays training and i was gettin big today too

10/16 the big gun session (worked out at a different gym, was nice)
BB wrist curl superset 40x10,10

tricep pushdowns 100x10,10,10
dips 3 sets of reppin time

BB curls 75x5 95x5 65x10,10
incline db curl superset hammer curls 30’s 2 sets 10 reps each way then repped out on the last set of hammers

today big bench and deadlift
bench- worked up to 225x1, first time ive ever benched 2 plates, was niceee, then 185x5 super controlled

deadlift- 315 did 7 reps over about 5 minutes, taking my time and workin the form

db incline bench 65’s x7,7,7
chins +25x5,4

cable rows 160x10,10,10
incline chest press 140x10,10,10

fucked around with arms then did my ab circuit and called it a day
probably do bodyweight cardio circuits tomorrow
then the next day squats/push press
then 2 days of cardio and supplementary shit

gettin big was a daily routine, since 13, a goofy white kid on the scene

i was ballin today for cardio got a good couple hours in, can’t wait to lift fuggin weight tomorrow i gotta clear my mind