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Burnur Log 2020 goals

Update. I’ve set some goals for the year 2020.

OHP 135 lb
Tbdl 315
Rower 2000m in 7 min
Able to sit cross legged on floor comfortably

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Good luck man. I definitely recommend running a couple different programs and see how each lift responds to different supplemental formats. Once you have tried several out then mix and match. I think Jim called it supplemental heaven in forever.

Thanks. I am leaning toward 5x5/3/1 on all lifts for next program and will “set in stone” tomorrow.

The weather was very good today so I went to the track for some sprints. Hadn’t done so in months due to winter weather. I was a little stiff and couldn’t quite open it up all the way, but it should go better by next time or two.

Did not do great on eating today, though. Stressful family situation before dinner and completely lost my appetite.

Welcome to the log section Burnur.

I’m in. Just about to switch back to 531 myself.
Eat right, train hard and you’ll definitely look different next year.
Shoot for 1 gram protein pr lbs BW.
Good luck

Kind of in the same boat, just that you’re a little older than I am. I’ve done my first week of 5/3/1 and it’s been really nice so far. I’m in for this log.

Btw, take care of your shoulder man. It’ll go a long way and will thank you in the future.

In as well, I’m a sucker for a good 5/3/1 log. I will suggest not over thinking which program you use at this point, though. With your starting point as long as you stay consistent and eat to gain, you have room for 8-9 straight 5/3/1 cycles without needing to reset your training maxxes, 40-50# onto your upper body lifts and 80-100# on the lower, by January 2020.

Don’t think about your low starting TMs as a bad thing, think of them as room to grow and opportunity to work on your form.

Thank you. My impression of this is that for someone in my position any reasonable option will produce similar outcome. So spending mental energy, not really necessary. Just pick something.

I decided to use “full body 5s pro” template from the forever book with (ohp / squat) and (incline / tbdl) pairs. This splits the main and supp work so I’ll be able to practice stuff twice a week.

In for the log.

I’m similar age and only slightly shorter. I’ve been much weaker than you several times. These things are fixable.


Today was the first day of the cycle.

Warmup/Mobility/jumps+throws. I always do box jumps because that’s what works best at my gym. They have med balls but no allowance for any non-slam throws.

BB incline. TM 85.
5@55. 5@65. 5@75.
The work sets felt great but it took several warmup/practice sets with the bar to get the feel right.

TBDL. TM 245.
5@160. 5@185. 5@210.
I did a couple practice sets (95 and 135) first. Nothing to write home about.

DB rows. 15@25, then 3x12@35.
Pushups. 3x10.
Hanging knee raises. 3x8.

I do some form of band shoulder-y stuff (pull aparts, shoulder dislocates, face pulls) at home most days, so I will probably be doing that later. It doesnt seem necessary to log that.

Eating has gone pretty well yesterday and today. I will enjoy a hearty lunch now and have plans for a nice dinner later.

Have a nice day.

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Yesterday I laid low. I typically like to run (slowly) for 20-30 mins days when I’m not going to the gym but I was very tired. I walked the dog twice for about an hour in total, as usual, and did some light band work. Plus side, I made time for some meal prep to improve chances of eating successfully this week.

Training, Today was on to Day 2.
Gym was extremely crowded, the boys are back in town because I think its spring break or something. I purposely go when it’s least crowded but the only impact it had on me was I cleaned before OHP sets, before rack opened up.

Warmup, mob, jumps.

Main work.
Ohp: 5@55, 65, 70.
Squat: 5x100, 115, 130.
These felt very light but I guess that’s the point.

DB rows. 15, 12, 15. All sets on one side, then the other.
Plate raises 5x10

SLC. Back raises. 12,12,12,14
Pull. DB curls 10,10,8,8

No lift today. Usually I go every other day.

Ran 2 miles outside and it took somewhere in the 17s or 18s based on leave/return time. This is faster than the leisurely pace I use on a treadmill, but still not very demanding.

I ate lots of food yesterday, but not the healthiest. Dinner was a burger and wings at a bar (plus several beers) to celebrate friends engagement. I’m not a monk or w.e.
Fortunately today I have my food prep leftovers from Monday to keep me on track.

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Training day 3. Supp on incline/tbdl.

Warm up, mob, box jumps.

Incline. A few practice sets at 45, 55, then 5x5@65. This is SSL.

Tbdl. A few practice sets at 95, 135, then 5x5@160. This is FSL.

Hanging knee raise. 5x5 (ss with tbdl)
SS: TRX rows 5x10, walking lunges 4x20(10 per leg)
Pushdowns. 4x12

Overall ate pretty good today, but I think i needed to shift some of my lunch food to breakfast because i started getting nauseous in the last set of lunges.

Not going to have any time tomorrow, if the gym is even open, so I had a lift again today.

Training Day (dope movie) 4. Supp on ohp/squat. A guy was doing curls in the only rack, but he was gone by the time I finished jumps. Great success

Warmup, mob, box jumps.

Ohp. Prep sets on light bar, oly bar, then 5x5@55. This is FSL.
Squat. Prep sets on empty bar, 95, then 5x5@115. This is SSL.

I ss’d these because I am strapped for time during gym hours today as well. Assistance will have to wait until at home this evening.

Yesterday we hosted family for Easter dinner so I was pretty busy, just some light band work end of night and eating large amounts of not so healthy food.

Training Day 5 of 12.
Warmup. Mob. Box jumps.

Practice sets. Then 5@60, 5@70,5@75. Right shoulder still wants to come out if I dont give this all my attention.

Trap bar dl.
Practice sets. Then 5@170, 5@195,5@220.

Assistance. I had to hurry back to work, so I did this at home about five hours later.

(Is this a reasonable thing to do or is my assistance work somehow less valuable because I’m not “pre-exhausted” or whatever?)

SS. 5 sets of Pushups x 5, 4 sets of body saw (sliders) x 8.
SS. 3 sets of DB rows (20,15,15), 3 sets of pushups (9,8,8)
SS. 3 sets of pushdowns (20, 15, 15), 3 sets of DB SLDL x 10.

Eating Easter leftovers tonight. Need to prep more food again soon because that worked great last week.

I wouldn’t be too worried about it. You still got the work in, so that’s good.
To be honest, the “I’m not doing jack shit” template where no assistance is done at all is very appealing at times lol

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Training day 6. 5s pro “3s week” on ohp/squat.

Warmup,mob, jumps. 2nd consec workout where an elder-ish person called me out for amazing box jumping. Weird but I’m all for people touting my athleticism I guess?

Rack occupied, I dont really know how to clean but the weight is too light to matter. So I “cleaned” once for each set.
Practice sets, then 5@60, 5@70, 5@75

Rack lightly occupied, easily worked in.
Practice sets, then 5@105, 5@120, 5@135

SS. (45d Back raises x12) + (plate raises x12), 4 times each
Cable rows. 50 each arm.

Eating good, gonna do food prep tonight to ensure continued success

Ran something like 2.5 miles yesterday.

Probably no lift today. No car today and yesterday, means it’s taking something like two hours to get to or from work. Restored to normal tomorrow though.

Still eating all right. Definitely gaining weight, been over 176 after morning dump several days in a row. Heaviest I’ve ever been, for sure.

Rightly or wrongly I’m a little scared of getting fat gaining weight too fast given family history (rail thin men blowing up in their 30s).

But given my goals have decided to stay the course (I mean, it’s only been like three pounds) and reconsider if I need to be more careful when I can actually see and or feel a difference. On that note maybe it would be a good idea to take some progress photos now.

Have a nice day.

Training day 7 of 12.

Gym work was kind of a rush due to limited time. Pressing didnt feel great, tbdl did feel great.

W/u mob jumps
Incline. 5x5@SSL
Practice sets then 5x5@70.
Tbdl. 5x5@FSL
Practice sets then 5x5@170.

After leaving gym for an errand I did assistance.

Pushups: 8,8,8,8,8,8
DB rows: 20L+R, 20L+R, 20L+R, 10L+R, 10L+R, 20L+R

KB swings: 10, 15, 25, 50.
KB press: 1 each arm, 2 each arm, 3 each arm.
A while back I had read the 10000 swing challenge and the topic came up again recently, so I was curious what it was like. I used a light (16kg) KB and the 50 rep set still was pretty demanding. So I imagine 500 a day could be a real ball buster.

Training day 8. Supp on ohp/squat.

Mob, jumps

Ohp. Fsl 5x5.
Practice sets, then 5x5@60.

Squat. Ssl 5x5
Practice sets, then 5x5@120.

Something came up and I had to return to work immediately afterward.

Anyway. Everything felt awful today. Not heavy, but awkward like my body just did not want to do what it was told. It was as if I was mildly drunk or something. Better luck next time, I guess.

Hi burnur

How’s it going? Didn’t realise you had a log. Feeling like you’re making progress?