Burnt Out

I gave myself a few extra days off because of lack of desire to train. I have felt extremely tired in the AM , and almost become depended on sometype of low dose therm to get me going.

I feel that I have effected my adrenals and dont know how to get myself up and running. My nervous system seems to stay activated for so long even with just one pill in the AM.

I have tried increasing my overall calories but find that my body is not handling the food well. I feel bogged down and loagy no matter the meal combination macro breakdown.

Ive read about repairing adrenals, I have tested my asi and cortisol is very low in the morning. Maybe thats why I cant wake up. I haven’t found anyone in my area that knows how to deal with this. I feel flat and weak unless I pop a HOT-ROX or Spike before training.
I’ll post my diet later.

Sounds like you just need a week off. No working out, eat what you want, and go to bed early and wake up late. And give the stimulants and thermogenics a rest.

I’ll even bet that your lifts will go up after that week off too.

yup, just chill on the therms and caffeine. Get some rest and take advantage of some hot tubs or steam rooms near you. Also going from hot tub to cold pool can really help get you feeling “ready” again.

Also, have a solid carb up. And I don’t mean a cheesecake eating competition. Just cook up a bunch of StlCut Oats and have a pizza or something at the end of the day. A good carb up leaves me looking jacked even if my Body fat levels are getting high and makes me feel on track again.

Also a High dose (3-4g) of taurine will help you ween off of therms for a couple days and still keep you going.


cool guys i’ll give it a try!

Yea i know how you feel. I was there too a few months back. Good advice above. Take some time off and get in a good amount of carbs for a couple of days. Also make sure that there is plenty of good fat in your diet. That was one of my problems. Good luck.

This sounds stupid but I was in the same boat and getting a sinus infection was the best thing to happen to me. a day off work, 4 days off after that, didn’t drink any coffee tea or soda. When I got better I swear I looked leaner/healthier.

I also drank 4 liters of OJ in addition to eating normally so I wasn’t starved.