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Burnt Out on Strong Lifts 5x5 - Advice Appreciated


I just burnt out on Strong Lifts 5x5.
About 18 months ago I was a kettlebell/crossfit type person and decided I wanted to get strong. I joined a powerlifting club and followed a tweaked WSFSB program (I also learnt how to squat and deadlift properly). I trained for 6 months and at my first meet pulled 180, squat 140, and benched 110 @ 85kg BW. Nothing spectacular but I was pleased with my progress.
I moved house shortly afterwards and could no longer get to the powerlifting club, started a new job and picked up an injury so my training dropped off for a few months.
About 6 months ago I put together a home gym and I thought Iâ??d go back to basics and started the Strong Lifts program.
Iâ??ve plateaued and stalled on this program 3 times now. I just canâ??t squat past 100kg 5x5. Also, my upper body strength has deteriorated (there just isnâ??t enough upper body exercise volume).
Iâ??m sick of squatting three times a week , the lack of variety, and my wife is having a baby in a few weeks so I canâ??t justify a weights program that requires 5 minutes rest between sets (when things get heavy).
So, Iâ??m looking for suggestions for a new program. Ideally, I would like to get stronger but primarily I want to cut a bit of body fat and maybe even put on some muscle (particularly upper body as itâ??s lagging behind my legs). Iâ??m thinking of something with shorter rest periods, higher reps, maybe an upper/lower split, antagonist sets, that kind of thing.
My stats are:
95KG BW (sadly I've put on a bit of body fat but I'm still relatively lean)
Squat 5RM 100KG
Deadlift RM 150KG
Bench 5RM 90KG
Overhead press 5RM 60KG

Squat rack, adjustable incline/decline bench, dips/pull up station, Olympic rings
Olympic bar, 160kg of plates, 16kg kettlebell, 24kg kettlebell

Any ideas or suggestions?


I coulda sworn this was the BB forum? Speaking of BBing you could always change up your style. Doing different exercises, training differently can result in carry over to your other lifts.



This is non-retarded and will work

Oh, and buy more plates. Or join a gym.


Eat more?


go to a different program, like 5/3/1


Yeah, sorry I know this forum is probably flooded with these kinds of threads.

If you read my OP, I am after a bodybuilding type program. I want to lose some body fat and put on some muscle. I want to start training with higher reps, fewer sets, shorter rests, and a bodypart/movement split. I thought this would be a good place to seek advice.


Kanko, To be honest, I?ve seen that thread linked to a couple of times after doing a bit of reading on here today. I?m not quite sure if it is a parody or not. I'm not making any comment whether it's good or not, it just looks like one those tpyical internet bodybuilding splits. Either way, it?s not something I could do at home.

I?ve got limited equipment so need to stick to the basic lifts.

Exercises I can do/like

Back Squat/Front Squat
Split squat/lunge
Overhead press
Weighted chins
Weighted dips
Hang cleans
Bench press
Bent over rows/pendlay rows
Farmers walks
Bicep curls

I?ve done total body type training for ages I?m not sure where to start when it comes to body part splits.

Any one know of a no bullshit bodybuilding routine that incorporates these kinds of basic movements? How should I arrange these exercise into a split, upper/lower, press/pull/legs, TBT?


Look again. I gave you a link to a program based on squats, deadlifts, bench presses and military presses. How much more basic can it get?

If you follow it you will get a lot stronger in a reasonably high rep range on exercises that are far from bullshit. That + food = muscle. Add in some more work for arms, delts and calves and you're pretty much set.


yeah, sorry about that. I was referring to another link in another thread. That program does look pretty solid. I've heard it mentioned quite a bit on forums over the last couple of years. I'll give a closer look


Holy shit, kakno is being nice.

He just gave you a top notch program, with the "requirements" you asked for and all you are going to do is "take a closer look"????

Do you need an escort? For Jupiter to align with Mars? Maybe then your manhood while explode and you will be ready???

Get the book, start tonight, eat more and see you in six months when you are bigger and stronger.

You also heard it mentioned quite a bit because IT WORKS.

And btw, you did not burn out on 5x5. He explains what to do if that happens.


x2: doing 5/3/1 = massive WIN


5/3/1 - follow a template for 2 or 3 workouts a week and add 2 neural charge sessions a week. At your stage, this would be a fantastic way to improve without spending half of your days training.


If your 5rm squat is only at 100kg at your bodyweight, you're obviously doing something wrong. It seems like you're trying to find a quicker and easier way to build muscle and lose fat. Like JFG mentioned, do the program and we'll see you in 6 months.