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Burning/Warm Sensation & Squats

Sup Guys,

I was just doing some squats to warm up, only had 225 on the bar. I was coming back up and I felt this burning / warm sensation down by V aka penis lines. It was roughly lateral to my hip joint and only lasted for a few seconds. Is it just my nerves telling me I’m a puss?

There’s no bruising, swelling, burning or discomfort when I press on it now.

Well, I guess its back to the basement for me now. Thanks…

Someone rubbed icy-hot in your drawers. I do it to my buddies all the time.

I don’t think it sounds serious, especially if it went away and there’s no lasting pain. On the plus side if you hear of any female specimens with cold hands you can offer your services.

RIT Jared

I have felt this as well, and many of my other friends/clients/colleagues have as well.

I believe it has to do something with either one of the abdominal layers or the hip flexors. Anything more I cannot tell you, but would like to know.

Or it could just be the icy-hot.