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Burning the Fat

I’m 180 lbs and have been taking hydroxycut hardcore for about 2 months now, ive lost roughly 12 lbs and im working out 4/5 days a week, i try no to eat sugar and carbs at all possible times but im still a fatty, does anyone have any suggestions to help me get shredded?

Try this site. I hear the articles are top-notch, free and will give the results promised.

There is no helping you. From your post I can tell you might be borderline retarded. Shredded/retarded, they sound almost the same

I heard from a friend who has really big muscles that jumping in front of a moving train will help you get shredded.

you’ll find more of your kind there

Free weights, treadmill, lots of good food (including good healthy carbs smart guy), and some motivation.

Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Chin ups, dips, snatch, row, and others.

Do this some days, run some other days, eat clean every day = results.

Have fun. Dont get too shredded now tough guy.