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Burning Out with Routine

okey guys i need help. so ive been doing full body 2-3 days a week for more than a year now (greyskull and now 5/3/1 beginners) and im getting extremely burned out at full body or compounds. now with 5/3/1 volume doing 8 sets for every compound is getting me tired of wanting to do them. not that they are challenging but mentally burnout and getting bored. i can only hit the gym 3 days a week maybe 4 but super rare. what would you do? i dont have the motivation to keep going.

Find something you enjoy doing. Plenty of programs on here. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to stick with it, so you really have to figure out what motivates you. For me it’s the main lifts. Some people love CrossFit. Just depends on what motivates you.

I will say the 531 for beginners burnt me out pretty quick so I went to the periodization table by Dave Tate, 531 template. I love it, it’s 531 sets with accessory work which I treat like body building. It’s 4 days a week though.

Here’s a few articles you can look at.

Hope that helps. Also, make sure you’re eating enough and sleeping enough etc. I had a hard time until I made my recovery more of a priority.

This seems to happen a lot. I think part of it comes from thinking there is some correct order or sequence of programs that is best when you are a new lifter. This is a relatively new phenomenon and I don’t think it’s helpful.

As said above, you need to find a style of training you actually want to do. Not what you’ve been led to believe will be most effective at your level based on articles you’ve read, but rather what gets you excited to train. If you want to hit each lift once per week and smash volume, you should do that. If you want to go after obscene PR sets, do rest-pause assistance work, do that. There is no right or wrong way to train.

Honestly, assuming good effort is there, in the information age we’re in it’s probably harder to find a training program that won’t work than one that will. So many different things can be effective, but you have to have some mental engagement. So my advice is, while you’re new to this, try out different training styles so you can actually figure out what gets you excited, then put your head down and train in that style for a few years.

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ramo how exactly do i know im eating enough? i dont know exactly how to track i just eat same amount for weeks (example 2800 everyday even if im sedentary one day) and adjust

read everything! thanks guys!

hey guys i got this from someone else

got a plan that someone gave me.

what if for example i do

normal 5/3/1 squat no fsl
FSL on bench

5/3/1 bench no fsl

FSL on squat

5/3/1 deads or ohp

fsl on deads or ohp

I do something similar to what you wrote. Check the beyond 531 1.1-1.2, it’s free on this site. It’s similar and works for me, I’m about to do it again. I’ve tried bbb & bbs, they work but I just find the set up of heavy and low volume with one compound and fsl with the other a good mix.

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I used an online calorie Calculator to figure out a ball park figure of where I should be eating for maintenance. As I said, it’s not exactly, just gices you a place to start. Depending on your goals eat more to gain, eat less to lose weight and about the same for maintenance. Watch the scale and your body. If you’re going for strength eat a little more. I like to have a decent amount of carbs and protein (all easily digestible) before I train (60-90 minutes). That will fuel your workout. Then a post workout meal typically the same. The rest I eat smaller meals, but I’m trying to cut fat.

Long story short, if your lifts stall or go down, eat more. Focus on pre and post workout nutrition to fuel workouts and help with recovery.

Yeah try beyond 1.1 as mentioned above. Can just do the minimum reps on the + sets for the first week or two also.
A routine from original book like triumvirate with deload every 4 weeks good option also