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Burning Lower Right Side Just Above the Glute

It probably first showed up 3 or 4 years ago it would come and go but for the passed year and a half its just there i still train around it but when i deadlift it really lights up and if i go much above 315 the intense burning pain becomes more limiting than off the floor, grip or lockout i tried to go 6 months of no deadlifting i tried laying off all compound exercises for almost 2 months i walk on my treadmill 2 hrs every day is there anything that can be done here?

For anyone interested snatch grip below the knee rack pulls for 8x8 seem to be helping the pain more than anything else

I have the same issue. I’ve noticed stretching actually makes it worse and that just being more active in general seems to help.

Sound like either an Si joint issue or a l5-s1 disc issue. I would YouTube a diagnosis video for each of those and see what you believe it is. If you can figure that out. There is some conservative things you can try for both.