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Burning Less Calories Than Before

Sorry for my bad English, but I have a problem with my calories count. I been burning average 400 calories while working out a day for 1 year. It been 1year 3month. Threw out the day the total calories burn is 3000 +. I been noticing that my calories have drop by half. My workout and calories intake are the same. Please help what am I’m doing wrong.

How do you know that your calorie needs are half what they used to be?

I keep track with my Fitbit verse watch

Those watches use your heart beat to pretend to know how many calories your burning. Maybe you are in better shape now and your heart rate is slower

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More likely a problem with the fitbit than there is with you.

Are you rapidly putting on fat? As one would if they were eating near double maintenance calories.

No, I’m not putting more fat. I seem more on the leaner side then before.

That what I think that in in better shape so I might need to workout harder or switch my workout routine

Dude, even assuming such thing, there’s no way your magic watch would know that you are in better shape. All it counts is heart rate, as already stated. It doesn’t know if you are strong or weak, obese or lean, fasted of fed. It knows literally nothing about your heart rate.

What is the most possible answer is that with time you get used to the cardio. It is only natural that at the beginning of your training cycle you want to vomit after 5 kilometers run, while after a month of running, your heart will not be bumping like crazy after such short distance. Progression is natural.

So what you’d expect? That after some time of training in the same way, you will always stay fatigued exactly the same at the finish?

There are 2 things to do:

  1. Ditch your (not so) smart watch. It lies to you, it leads you to negative mindset, it makes you have unrealistic expectations and approach.
  2. Implement progressive overload. You can’t expect any results, if your “workout and calories intake are the same”. This is literally useless.

Thanks for the input. im new at this gym life so that’s why am this website to gain info.