Question: Has anyone experienced a “burning” or firey sensation in the lower abs when they were still going hypocaloric and were simultaneously at LOW body fat levels (<6%). I am still trying to cut every last tactile subcutaneous fat cell out, and it is killing me dude. Binges are more frequent and I have developed a binge management plan. On days were I do go hypocaloric, there are strong burning sensations in the lower ab area where I believe the last remaining fat is.
Whats up with that?

V: Only speculation here, but what you descibe is most likely a manifestation of a general principle we’ve discussed before: as the body is “pushed” toward lower and lower bodyfat percentages (especailly below 6-7% or so), it begins to vigourouly metabolize muscle and connective tissue in an attempt to protect and preserve both essential fat and heart muscle.

With that being said, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the longer one maintains lower bodyfat levels, the greater the chance of “changing” the bodies setpoint, thereby lessening this effect. But there are limits…and that APPEARS to be at about 6-7% BF (some claim 4-5%) as a level that can resonably be maintained.

It’s called starvation. re-evaluate your diet and excercise strategy otherwise it will get worse

Vain, welcom to the world of low bodyfat. What you are experiencing is most likely a pyscological reaction to your bodyfat level. In simle terms, when your bodyfat gets lower than your brain really wants it - it appears that everyone has a ‘bodyfat set point’- it engages a number of mechanisms with the intent of raising bodyfat to that set point. One of these is intensified hunger pangs, another is a curious tendancy to awaken freqently at night, which can be explained as the brain wanting you to get up and go hunting for food. This is why few people ever get or stay really lean. The inbuilt subconscious NEED for survival is much stronger than the conscious DESIRE to be cut. Personally, I feel best at 6-7%, any lower and though I think that I look better (veins showing in abs and etc) I just can’t live like it for long. Never mind the constant hunger, I don’t sleep well, and I become moody and aggressive. And, the final nail in the coffin, my strength takes a gaint dive, along with my sex drive - I presume as a result of the lowered testosterone.
Bottom line, getting and being really lean is going to result in all sorts of aches & pains.

Check out this link, I found it searching for other info:
Very detailed report on the biology of what we do here in terms of “set point theory”.
Let me know what you think


I agree with Mufasa. But I like to say that it’s your body’s way of telling you it’s beginning to catabolize itself in order for it to operate and requires more food.

I betcha if you were to have a nice big juicy steak, or nice big meal, you would see huge improvements in your physique the next day: and that's your body's way of saying " hey, thanks for feeding me."