Burning Forearms

Hi guys I dont know if anyone has a simmilar problem, but ever since i started to take up judo my forearms are burning, I am avid lifter and work at a restarurant also. I lift mon, wed, friday and do judo mon, wed after lifting(I started 3 months ago). My lifts have gone up and everything, but almost everything bothers me (except deadlifts) while lifting especially on firdays. Also rowing and pullups are almost absolute no no for me on most days because each time I try to to do them they burn my forearms for hours.

Thanks for help.


Yeah sounds like a pinched nerve. I don’t know where it might be, although at first I thought it was around your eblows due to the effect of rows and pull-ups and being fine with DL, but to be honest you’d have to have pinched it on both sides (which probably wouldn’t happen). Get thrown on your neck in judo yet? Go see a back doctor.

Aspirin for the time being.

Judo is brutal on the grip. Are you doing anything to help stretch your forearms/biceps/triceps out? Do you have any wrist problems? Elbow problems? DL’s don’t bother them, but pullups do… to me it sounds like something in/around the elbow. Heat, stretching, and perhaps a few weeks off would help.