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Burning Feeling in My Neck


Doing bent rows tonight on my second set I got a burning feeling where my trap meets my neck on my third rep. It got worse during 3 more reps so I gave up the bent rows for the night. After finishing my work out I went home to go roll on the foam roller and stretch my neck a little. There is definitely some tightness and pain on my trap/neck area.

I'm giving up the bent rows for a little while in place of some t-bar rows, or maybe one arm dumbell rows. Any recommendations? Is this a pinched nerve? How do I get over this (minus resting the area and icy / hot)?



Happens to me on occasion. My chiropractor fixes me up.


What usually is done to fix the sensation? Does your chiropractor massage out the area or does he reposition you for the fix up?

I haven't thought about going to a chiropractor, but I had to go to one after a diving accident at a pool. I'll look into going and seeing my old chiropractor.

Thanks man!


I have had a pinched nerve in my neck and from my experience , watch for numbness in your fingers, weakness in your affected side tricep and chest. If the pain stays local or just in your neck and not down your arm, it is PROBABLY just soft tissue swelling in your neck. I am not a MD or PT just someone who has gone through the same problem.