Burning Fat


im new to this
well to the cutting up part
since about 6 months ago i was at 220 pounds… currently im at 188
the wierd thing is everyweek
my weight always goes down 5 pounds and goes back up again, and i havent been overeating
i am 5’10" at the moment.
also i am thinking about trying HOT-ROX or Spike.
which one is better for fat burning when mix with running/sprinting?
which one gives me more energy
is there an alternative out there that can lessen my asthma?

I think you need to give us more information than this. We dont know if you were a large in and charge person before and could stand to lose more weight. Or if you’re down to 5% bf and want to move down to 2%. What kind of bf are you carrying now? What’s your nutrition look like right now, what are you eating?

How old are you? Exercise programs?

You might try getting some Omega-3’s if you aren’t already. They can have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help raise the metabolism – helping you stay leaner.

Check out the FLAMEOUT product.

Anyhow, for fat loss, as others have said before, go for HOT-ROX. However, are you getting in solid workouts? Excuse me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you just want to lose weight, being somebody that used to be fairly overweight.

If you don’t have put on some muscle mass, you won’t look that good no matter how lean you get. You’ve got to have muscles to get the “right shape” once you are lean.

i am 16 years old and been working out since october last year.
i dont really know my body fat or anything.
my max 1 rep max is 235 if that helps. i never tried squating,or deadlifts.
sorry im really new to this.

i never really heard of Omega 3 before. WHat is that?
i am just recovering from losing some weight but i also gained a lot of muscle so the skin isnt as loose.
i still have stretch marks though and ive been applying vitamin E for a while and havent really noticed anything.
if i keep working out the muscle, will it pull my skin back together and readjust?

thanks for all the help

Since you are young and may still grow a bit, you might luck out and have your skin fit nicely… it depends how badly stretched it was.

Anyway, Omega-3’s are really good fats, generally thought of as fish oil. There are a few other places to get them, but not many.

There are some very good articles on this site dealing with nutrition, the different types of fats, and so on. Just spend some time getting comfortable with the search features and the article library.

In particular, read the beginner threads as they will link you to a lot of good information as well.

Finally, on a good note, you are fairly young, just keep learning and keep applying what you learn and over time you’ll know a ton more and be in much better shape than most of those around you.