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Burning Calories, Gained Weight

Monday I am 215lbs… after a garbage weekend of eating. I am in a calorie deficit Monday as I burned 1600 calories hiking, Tuesday weight train, eat clean, 950 calories burned running, wed weight train, eat clean, 1200 calories burned running, Thursday, again calorie deficit with weight training diet and cardio. Yesterday had a crazy day… hike in morning 1500 calories burned, weight train, another 800 calories on an evening run…

Wake up today and get on scale 219.8… can someone explain how that’s possible? Inflammation??? Water retention?

For starters, I think your “calories burned” numbers are not accurate. 1600 calories? Did you hike the Appalachian trail? That seems to be an estimate on the high side, but I don’t know what you did. Running on the treadmill at max incline for 45 minutes doesn’t get anywhere near that and hiking isn’t generally that strenuous. What did you eat?

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Monday was 12 miles with a 35 lb back pack. I thought I was conservative with my estimate going off live strong it says a 200lb man will burn 550 calories an hour of hiking … this took slightly over 3 hours…

During my cutting phase I eat 6 meals a day… a shake 400 calories, bison and rice 450, tuna, broccoli and rice 350, chicken breast broccoli and rice 400, turkey burger with avocado 500 calories and a shake before bed 400. 2200-2500 calories.

I’m fairly certain I should be in a pretty drastic deficit this week… and expected to see a much different result on the scale this morning.

Okay, fair enough. Most of the time it seems like guys take a stroll for an hour and think they did that, so I have to ask. I would bet you’re not eating enough. That’s too much deficit. Might want to up that another 500 calories, but there’s a good chance that it shows up a couple of days after the fact. I can’t explain the mechanism, but I know it tends to work that way for me with anything but water weight.

That was my worry as well that I stalled my metabolism.

I have had this happen as well… where I kill myself during the week eating clean and killing myself then on the weekend eat everything in sight and drink my face off…to see a big drop Monday morning.

Exactly. I haven’t figured out why it works that way, it just does.