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Burning Body Fat


I'm trying to lose about 20 pounds,and I hear in order to do that you have to burn more calories then you eat. But if I do that wont I lose muscle also?Should I just gain more muscle, say 20 pounds in 6 or 7 months then just let the muscle burn the fat over time? Or is that a myth?


Sure more muscle does burn more fat but essentially its a myth (albeit one I've been following for the last 19 years without success. It hasn't worked yet but I'm optimistic it'll start working for me soon. I'm curently 235 but should probably be closer to 210; only a matter of time now).



I think the idea is that if you continue to do resistance training and use good nutritional strategies, you can slowly lose fat without losing a lot of muscle.

If you go on a crazy fast diet then the odds are greatly increased that you'll dump muscles.

Heh, if I had all the answers then I'd be leaner than I am!