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Burned Out From My Training Program After Injury


Hey there. I didn’t lift for 6-8 months on account of an injury I had. The rehab from the injury took a lot out of me, CNS-wise, and I had to spend a lot of time in bed. After swimming for a month or two, I started hitting the weight room again.

Since I gained a bunch of weight, the program I picked to start with is German Body Comp.

Unfortunately, although I did lose 15 lbs pretty quickly, I’m feeling very burned out. Front squats, deadlifts and/or romanian deadlifts 3 times a week, plus those supersets are making me tired as hell. I have a workout tomorrow, and the thought of it makes me want to cry/curl up in a fetal position.

I’m thinking of doing “starting strength” with some minor accessory work for 3-4 weeks to get my base of strength and fitness back.

However, maybe you guys can recommend a program I can use to keep strength and muscle while cutting a bit, and that’s not as hard on the CNS? I want to work my muscles without stressing the entire body quite as much. I’m thinking “starting strength” plus minor accessory work to get my base of strength and fitness back.

Let me know what you think!


All programs tax the CNS.

All good programs manage the CNS. Even starting strength recommends 12 weeks.

You were off for 6-8 months, so you are starting new. Lift like you are starting new.

I prefer a full body, three times a week. Do that for 4-6 months, start light, eat right, use peri workout, get some sleep and dont sweat the small stuff.

If you end up with starting strength, don’t do your own version. Use ICF.

German body Comp is quite taxing when you are completely out of shape. Use light weights and take extra time between A and B etc


If your trying to lose fat something with lower volume and higher frequency on heavy compound lifts that incorporate jumps, loaded carries, and sprints works best. Volume is not your friend when on a calorie deficit. I would take a deload week before moving on to another program if you feel burnt out. Look at CT’s Athlete Lean Athlete Strong workout on here, solid gold for fat loss if you put the effort in.

Starting Strength would work best on a calorie surplus and while full body workouts provide great results, for fat loss, you will see quicker results with higher frequency workouts (5-6 days a week).


Thanks, bro. I think I’ll take your advice, but I’m not sure what you mean about ICF and SS. They’re different programs, right?

Thank you! The CT program looks cool, although maybe a bit intense for me right now. Have you tried/seen any good programs which are a 3-5 day split? Higher frequency is cool, but I still need rest days to do rehab and stuff like that :(.


ICF 5x5. A variation.


I think you could modify it and just skip the day 5 circuit workout without losing much and day 6 is basically active recovery cardio anyway. Any three a day workout program will work, I like a ABA style workout with limited volume when I do full body for fat loss:

Squat 3x5
OHP or Push Press 3x5
Upper Body Pull (usually weighted chins or bar row) 3x5
Close-Grip Bench press 3x8
Face Pull 3x8

Squat 2x5
Deadlift 1x5
Upper Body Pull 3x5
Bar Curl 3x8
Side Laterals 3x8

A consistent calorie deficit is the most important thing for weight loss. I modify full body routines to hit the beach muscles but it work just as well with three compound exercises. If you find your not recovering well I would reduce to 2x8 or eliminate the assistance work (last two exercises) all together. There are plenty of three day programs that will all work just don’t expect to add much muscle on a calorie deficit. Focus on maintaining or improving your strength.


I have to agree with JFG;

-Start Light! The important thing right now is to get to the gym! You want to accumulate good workouts. Start light, don’t kill yourself with heavy weights and BRUTAL DEATH WORKOUTS! If you’re emotionally crushed, and dreading your workout before you even hit the gym, you’re going to heavy or hard. Go lighter for awhile. You really have to put in the work, before you can do those killer workouts, like in all the internet videos.

-Take whatever time you need between workouts. Put the idea of a traditional 7 day week out of your head for awhile. With a simple A/B, On/Off style plan, its really simple to think in 4 day or 8 day “cycles” instead of 7. And if you need to rest an extra day, or you miss a workout for some reason, just pick up where you left off.

-Do daily Extra Workouts. In the morning, do 2-3 sets of 3-4 of your most productive rehab style moves. Or whatever you might do to warm up before a real workout. This should take like 5 minutes. When you have time throughout the day, take a few minutes and do some more of this stuff. These boring rehab moves will help strengthen your weaknesses. That way, real workouts won’t take as much out of you. Do more of these little sessions on off days. They will help you eliminate soreness, and recover faster. The more of this junk you can do outside of the gym, the less time you have to mess with them in the gym.

Make it your goal to get 4-6 months of workouts in. Don’t worry about chasing numbers. Just figure out what you need to do to keep showing up. Make it through a week with no problems. Then make it through a month with no issues. Then put 2 months together. And so on and so on.