Burn Fats

as iam power athlate. due to some injury i got fats lot. now i want to cut them . so i start training very hard,but donot get good result.
after read some articals here , i got that i should work on diet to getout rom fats. i should take less cal than what i burn.
so i want to know how can calculate my cal burn means how many iam burning when iam doing weight training , how many iam burnning when iam doing cardios. please kickme out from this problem.
thank you

You will have to search and find some articles that contain some calorie calculators.

Go to bodybuilding.com they have resting metabolic rate calculators as well as calculators that tell you how much you burn during different exercises

Thank you i tried bodybuilding .com .i got good informations.

go to fitday.com its free.
they have online software in which you can log everything you eat.

Seems like that is what most people are using these days.

Good Luck

fitday.com is great site .
thank you very much for this.