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Burn fat and gain muscle?

OK,I just read Tim’s article(and diet) and I was wondering(been wondering for some time)
I thought that if u want to gain plenty of muscle,don’t take thermogenic fat burners?
I once tried taking Xenadrine but find I couldn’t really put on mass…but my diet then wasn’t too good either.Do u all think it’s the Xenadrine preventing great muscle growth or just my diet? CAn u ACTUALLY burn fat WHILE making lots muscle? I was always taught otherwise…

Pls clarify and advise.Keep up the great work Tim,Chris,TC,John B,etc etc. and u T-men/vixens too!

I’ve always told really skinny “hardgainers” to lay off the fat burners while trying to add mass. Now, a diet can override the effects of a thermo, of course, but I always hated to see a guy who can’t break 150 pounds taking something that could supress his appetite and speed up his already fast metabolism. I’d rather see him ditch the fat burner and spend his dough on protein powder.

That said, you can use a thermo for a pre-workout boost without any problems.

I did a two week bulking diet that ends today actually. I went against my own advice and took 3 caps of T2 per day while bulking. I still gained about six pounds but I seemed to have reduced the amount of fat gain. In other words, taking T2 and eating big, I minimized the fat gain I normally get on a bulking diet. (And I can blow up pretty quickly.) So it seems there’s some room to play around with this concept, at least for me.

I’ve always made my best gains in bulking when combining a low to moderate dose of fat burners with my bulking routine. I’ve found that after a couple of days my appetite is hardly suppressed at all so I have no problems eating. When training, my nervous system is stimulated so I can lift heavier weights which leads to better muscle growth stimulation. And it has the added benefit of keeping any bodyfat gains at bay.