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Burn Baby, Burn!!

For some background info, I work out during lunchtime at a nearby gym. It took me a while to find it because there are so many ‘fitness centres’ around here and no real iron-houses. It is on the second floor and there are very few people there when I go (only 2 or 3 max). Even so, nobody clears up the weights after them (except me) and it tends towards chaos most of the time.
Anyway, I turn up at the gym this afternoon, and notice that some bastard has dumped a load of charred shit in the carpark.
Thinking that the rude bastard should be smacked around a bit, I walk to the entrance to see a police sticker over the lock. Thinking this is weird I try to open it. No joy. It’s locked.
Standing back a bit I look up and see the smokey window where the sauna is (or was), and then I look at the charred mass behind me.
2 and 2 does indeed make 4, so I am now looking for a new gym until they sort out the mess.
Hopefully only the sauna got FUBAR’d so the gym should open again fairly quickly.