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Burn 20% More Fat


Or so these Lifewave people claim:


3 types of patches that help you sleep, train or reduce your pain.

I'm calling BS on this.

Has anybody here tried them? Any thoughts from anyone?


I dont know, I wouldnt try them unless someone gave them to me for free.
Like the saying goes it if sounds to go to be true, then its probably to good to be true!
However whats awesome about that vidoe is on the sidebar you can click ronnie coleman and his LIGHTWEIGHT babeey!


Well, that's how I found the patch ad, I was watching Ronnie moving those huge dumbells like they were 10 lbers and saw the patches on the side.

Ronnie is hilarious! :slightly_smiling:



How about the little 10 year old kid who could run a mile two minutes faster...That let me know its all placebo...



Yet he's still chubby! :slightly_smiling: