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Burke Lets 'Er Rip


I am honestly excited to be alive during these times! Doing the RIGHT thing has never been easier.

Edited, obviously. I have a new baby in the house and I have yet to settle into my routine. Please bear with me as I try.


KD you are not having the best of luck today starting threads!


Fuck that, If no good deed goes unpunished, be an Asshole, 'works much better for me ...The other option I tried for YEARS, and
that shit don't work, plus there's always risk of a lawsuit if you pull someone from a burning vehicle...just let that fucker roast
and hope he's saved in the afterlife because he'll live forever in paradise regardless.

I'm just answering the KD's words...IDK what the fuck's that white blank screen....maybe he still uses that
WEBTV unit from the 90's....:slight_smile:


Part Duex ; )

edited - I really thought I was meshing correctly, shows how wrong I am JAJAJA, try one more time. Unless of course I have to fix my blunder again ; )

lanchefan1 - Luck is what they sell in Vegas. There are so many people who fall for the scam, it makes me wonder.

Karado - When we do the right thing, it rarely is easy. Often you end up eating a lot of shit. However, this does not mean we take the easy path, being an asshole, as you said. Instead, it means that we need to continually do the right thing until it becomes the universal habit, until right things always lead to right things and positive outcomes, until the right thing becomes the rule, rather than the exception. Sure, taking the other path is easier, but ultimately you're denying yourself the potentiality you have to be better. That other path is feeding the evils of our society.

  • Let's see if my video links work! ; )

Nope :' (


Kneedragger: try removing the "s" from the https in the link, so that it goes to the non-secure server.


Varqanir - Thank you for your advice. I thought I tried that when I first came back and posted here. I have multiple crazy blessed TBI's and think in ways where I lack the eloquent ability of my wife, therefore people often misunderstand my ramblings, I am obviously wrong. shrug Yet I thank you for the help!

Side story to pass forward the help, honestly I found duckduckgo.com because the google tracks people that use their search engine. Creeptastic in my severely Traumatically Injured Brain [TBI], literally. Try them for a week, if you would like, they provide free programs on the right / bottom of their page to be as anonymous as possible.

Be well and GOD Bless with Love,



Yeah, I use Startpage for the same reason, but when I want to post links I always have to change the https to http, just so it doesn't cause proxy server problems.



Do the above videos post for you? Any problems watching them?

Be well and GOD Bless with Love,