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Burj Dubai


Now I'm no architect, all I can say is that I love my body and certainly love Fashion. In my recent readings of GQ UK I happened upon an advertisement that was uniquely stylish and caught my eye with the words "Armani" and "Burj Dubai". I suggest you check out www.burjdubai.com since Armani is planning on building the tallest building in the world and also the largest shopping mall.

I truely believe that there opening statement on this site is true, and they are setting a standard in which history will mark this building. When watching the video they have, I was reminded of some futureistic film, thinking we are finally here. I thought that this was too amazing to keep to myself and I urge you to look at this amazing tower.



I'll be in Dubai in May of 06 for living. The Burj is amazing, it's the only 7 star hotel in the world. If you'd like even more amazing pictures of the place, check out the link below.

Dubai is a very metropolitan city in the desert and is beefing up its tourism dollars so they have an industry when the oil money runs out, if if runs out!

My personal favorites are the three palm islands they are building as well as the island replica of the world. The place is nothing short of amazing visually.

I'll be sure to keep all updated on how my move goes there. I had a post on this a while ago, with some responses. I'm basically waiting to have enough money to support a move of this level. So, by May around my birthday I will be calling this oasis home!

Living on the beach under constant sun is also a very good motivator to hit that gym heavy. Not like this piece of shit snow that is hanging on my car every morning and making me curse the drive and walk to and from the gym! Oh well, such is life.

Here is the link, enjoy! There are many pictures on here so I suggest that you click the all button on the first page and view them all, just stunning! Now I'm getting excited again:


Enjoy! or be jealous. One or the other?



That. Will. Be. My. Home.


i think you're talking about the Burj al Arab.

the burj dubai has not been built yet.

check out the video tour of this:

you will be blown away. i promise.



Few points to consider re: Dubai...

Firstly, the Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) will be - in a couple of yrs - the world's biggest tower (with yet another bloody shopping mall at the bottom)... however it is absolutely not being built by Armani. Don't be so bloody stoopid!

I've lived here for two years now. Some feedback thus far:

Is having a beach nearby damn fine? Yes. It's just a shame that almost everyone in this city works far longer hours than in London for instance, so getting to the beach is quite an achievement. Two-day weekends quickly become single or zero-day weekends. ("Don't like it? Leave..." is the attitude).

And you keep working that beach body, cos I'm sure the groups of Indian men wandering around staring at anyone and everyone on the beach will appreciate it.

Culturally, Dubai does not exist. Theatre? Hardly. Gigs? Destiny's Child and, recently, f***ing Lionel Richie. Eat me, that's some serious art.

The city - and the Emirate of Dubai - comprises 90% expats, which means it's main religion is shopping. Forget Islam, it's all about spending too much on designer shit you definitely don't need, closely followed by drinking until you can't see. I don't indulge myself (we're a dying breed here), but go into hotel bar here (they're all in hotels, as is the way here), and you'll see I'm right.

Do NOT expect to find many - if any - heavy lifting gyms. Instead expect to pay $1300 per year fees to join a 'health club', which just might have some rubber dumb bells round the back of the massage mats.

There are some truly wonderful blogs detailing life here, which should keep you busy for many too many hours. Try these:

I don't actually hate Dubai, and I know I could leave of course (but, oh, it's tax-freeeee!), just trying to help you guys formulate a balanced impression.