Buried E2 During PCT, Trying to Recover

Let me start off by saying my E2 has been <5 for roughly 6 weeks now during the time I have been trying to use low dose arimidex (1/8mg every 2 weeks) to get my HPTA to respond after years of AAS use. Final verdict after 3 months of banging my head against the wall I ended up with 73ng/dl test level and still undetectable E2 even though my LH level was finally low normal (2.0). The first 2 months of hypogonadism were not easy but I managed, slept good ate regularly and still managed to have sex once in a while when I felt like it. Month 3 however has been a literal hell and I am looking for some experienced advice. Obviously my e2 has reached new depths of low because I have not been able to sleep/eat or get an erection in 2-3 weeks now and no sex drive along with bad anxiety/ no emotion and overall a frightening experience. I’ve basically been struggling to function.

Per advice of a TRT doctor he recommended 500IU hcg each day along with 400 mg per week testosterone to get things back up and running. So far im on day 9 of said protocol and I started adding in 20mg ED Dianabol and 200mg extra of test propionate per week to hopefully speed this nightmare along. Haven’t had much relief but I’m wondering if this protocol will be able to pull me out somewhat soon. Thanks again for input/advice.

P.S I am worried about my lipid profile and bones since ive been low for 6 weeks, hoping its not dipping into long term issues.

I am lost here. You were taking adex to try and restart hpta? Howling have you had lowT? I see pct in the title and trying to figure out why? Did u not recover from a cycle? And now your Dr has you taking exo test to get things started back up? None of this makes any sense. Need more info.

Sorry if I summarized it and made it hard to follow, I used AAS for about 3 years with no breaks, totally shut down obviously, I came off and did a HCG nolva pct which at the time seemed to help but once I dropped that I crashed and my levels were 100 ng/dl test and kept dropping even though my LH and FSH were back to low “normal” so I decided to drop my esto down lower with Adex after my pct to get the HPTA to sense the low T and E and fire up LH to overstimulate testies. Long story short it did not work and just left me with an undetectable E level and a 73ng/dl T level. My symptoms became a living hell with not being able to sleep or eat and having horrendous anxiety and mental sides. Side note, I was off the hcg nolva for 3 months and had no luck with natural T levels. The reason he recommended going back on and including HCG was because ive been so dysfunctional and miserable.


I am no doctor but your E2 probably tanked because your test levels are tanked. Females secrete estrogen via their reproductive organs i.e. ovaries. Men lack such an organ but possess an enzyme called aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen. If you have low T and on top of that take an aromatase inhibitor what do you think will happen to your E2 levels. There gonna tank even further.

My honest opinion is to stick to your doctors advice. Did he prescribe Dianabol and the 200 extra mgs. Just do what he says. Do you want to actually recover? Or do you want to blast and cruise for a while/rest of your life.

I think you try to recover just to see if you can and if you want to run gear again by all means go ahead and if you can well B + C it is then.

Just my unsolicited advice.

Edit: I just reread your post. You took an extremely low dose of arimidex 1/8 mg every two weeks. That doesn’t seem like a high enough dose to really impair the function of aromatase. I could be wrong though. Most likely still is you just have super low test that is leading to super low E2.

Yes that pretty much confirms my thoughts, thanks for the well thought out response.

If your LH and FSH signals are firing, then it could be an issue with the Leydig cells not being responsive to those gonadotropins. Maybe the LH and FSH is not enough to make them work.

The doctor really presecribed 400 mg per week of test? I’ve never heard of a doctor going that high. Regardless, it seems strange to run both HCG and test to recover. Seems counter productive to add the test

Update on labs with a lot of info, was feeling decent last week now feeling totally dysfunctional again

Total testosterone: 1003
Free testosterone: 318 high, higher than last labs
Estradiol: 53 high, higher than last labs (was <5) over 39 is high
SHBG: 10 low, lower than last labs (was 24) range is 11-50
TSH: 2.12 in range, higher than last labs (was 1.52) range is 1-5
Free t3: 3.2 in range, lower than last labs (was 3.4) 2.3-4.2 is range
Free t4: 1.2 in range, lower than last labs (was 1.3) 0.8-1.8 is range
Reverse t3: 28 high, worse than last labs (was 24) 8-25
Aldosterone: 4 very low (adrenal hormone) range is 21-28
DHEA: 364 in range, higher than last labs (was 151) 61-1636 is range
Vitamin D: 41 in range, higher than last labs (was 39) 29-100
IGF1- 309 in range, higher than last labs (was 261)

So far I’ve still been having really nasty issues, a few good days with morning wood, motivation etc then it’s like hitting a wall and I can’t get off the couch. From what I understand my thyroid is haywire and adrenals may be the issue. Thoughts from vets? Thank you

Per advice of Ksman ( I apologize for following instructions like shit, I literally feel awful and space out really bad when I read lately) I am posting my current labs, and as of right now i’ve dropped the hcg totally about 2 weeks ago and I am not running any AI. I also recently started t3 due to a constant 97.7 body temp and lowered T dose to 200 per week now. So all together 200mg per week test, 10mcg T3 starting dose, no hcg no ai. I however have a feeling my adrenals are beyond fried which is probably why nothing is helping/ working. My last dose of Vyvanse (ADHD medication) made me feel like my adrenals fried and I felt even more like a lifeless zombie.

I would imagine the point of the test is to make him feel better in the short term before the hcg gets things going naturally again