Ok the diet is still going well and training is even better, but i do have one question. What is the deal with the “low carb” burgers from some of the fast food places. It seems to good to be true and that usually means it is. Can any one fill me in?

Haven’t had one, but 99% of the carbs in a burger or the bun - 1 slice o a tomato, onion and cheese don’t really count. The one I saw from Carl’s Jr is wrapped in a couple lettuce leafs in place of a bun and lettuce has almost zero carbs. You could make this at home real easy. It actually looks good wrapped in lettuce. Just make sure you use LEAN beef. Burgers are a great quick protein snack if you make a whole bunch in advance - hot or cold. I LOVE BACON CHEESEBURGERS :slight_smile:

see, thats how they get you.

i have no idea but im assuming those burgers are still crap.

“It seems to good to be true and that usually means it is. Can any one fill me in?”

What don’t you understand? If you take away the bun from a hamburger than you take away the carbs.

It is very cheap meat also. Not the greatest by any means.


American Marketing at it’s best!

Like a few have said…the “Low Carb” fast food meals involve:

a) Taking away part or all of the bread/bun (the 'ole “open faced sandwich”…those have been around as long as restaurants!)

b) Creating VERY small portions with small amounts of carbs (As in a lot of the recent “Atkins Approved” menus). (There IS a name for this that I can’t remember…you usually see it in the large cities…it’s menus where you have this LARGE plate, with a dollop of food, where the “art” of the meal is in it’s presentation? What’s the name, guys?)

Anyway…God Bless America and our marketing genuises!


you are referring to nouvelle cuisine

mince up an organic steak, add an egg white, season, and youve got low-carb burger mix

The less you can eat fast food the better. The qality of the food at fast food places is not that great.

BTW, I don’t see these low carb burger sticking around for long. Why? They won’t taste good!

Maybe you guys will remember the low fat burgers that flopped back in the early 90’s?