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Burgers: In-N-Out vs. Five Guys


Do not post "I haven't had either but I really love XYZ burger joint!"

Go start your own thread about how wonderful your minority burger chain is. This thread is about these two chains ONLY.


These are my EXACT thoughts on why In N Out is superior:

In N Out
+Crispy produce
+MELTED cheese
+toasted buns
+CHEAPER by 100% (half the price)
(and if you haven't tried, order a double double with chopped chilis - pepperoncinis, to be exact. divine)

Five Guys

+juicy patties, thicker
-soggy buns
-cold cheese
-soggy fries
-more expensive (I can get a regular cheeseburger with bacon and small fries and drink for $11)

Those of you who've had both, what do you think?


homo vibe maxed out in the thread title


I was so excited to try an in-n-out burger. Then I tried one. For all I knew I could have been eating at Wendy's. Definitely nothing special.


Felt the same way about 5 guys. Its just alright for me dawg.


i havent had either but taco bell's pretty good


I enjoy five guys customizability, and I enjoy In-n-outs snobby atmosphere


I really enoy the little shop owned by an american on the corner of my street, it beats McD by miles!


I am more of an In N Out man myself. Had 5 guys the last week and I was really excited about trying it cause I had heard so many good things.

I definitely liked the extra options of bacon and jalapenos BUT I didnt like the cold not melted cheese and the cost.

I think i had heard way too much hype about 5 Guys that it just couldnt live up to the talk. It was good but I still prefer In N Out (probably cause I grew up eating it)


Cant comment since I can read the OP and most cant like normal.

I have only had 5 guys and I loved it ate two doubles.


i like five guy's better... fresher ingredients and malt vinegar on cajun fries is the sheeet


I want to try In n Out - I hear it's the SHIT from a lot of friends.

Damn you Yanks and your good food.


This. And guys writing "I have had five guys" or "I like In-and-Out" without any irony whatsoever, is hilarious. Please carry on.


Within the last 2 years, 5 guys have popped up all over New Jersey. They are not all of the same quality. The first 5 guys that came to NJ years ago in Hackensack is awesome. The ones that popped up later on aren't as good. There's one 10 minutes from my house and I'd still drive the 25 minutes to Hackensack if I was craving 5 Guys.

I love their seasoned fries and I always smuggle peanuts home with me.


I have had each only once. Both times I was extremely hungry and thought at the time that what I was eating was the greatest thing ever served to a human being.

If I had to choose, though, I'd say this: at Five Guys there is the huge advantage of being able to put jalapenos and bacon and a ton of other awesome stuff on your burger. Even so, the taste of In-N-Out is just too goddamn good for it to lose to any burger joint I've ever been to. The animal style fries! I'm cutting right now and I feel like I'm cheating just thinking about that pile of gooey goodness.

Although, my particular preference may have something to do with the fact that I associate In-N-Out with chicks in bikinis in sunny San Diego and Five Guys with the abandoned industrial inbred hellscape that is Binghamton New York.


I've never once had a soggy bun or soggy fries at Five Guys. That is the only place I've been to and I like it, BUT:

  • It's too fucking expensive.
  • I can make a much better burger at home, for half the price. That goes for any burger joint, anywhere, though.

My wife and I have decided that in the future we will get fries there and make the burgers at home. There is a Five Guys 3 min from my house so that is an option. Best of both worlds that way.

I don't know if all Five Guys are like this, but every time I order fries I get the same amount, whether I order a regular or a large. If I get a regular, I just end up with more in the bottom of the bag. There's usually twice as many fries in the bag as there are in the little cup they're supposed to be in.


yea its part of their business strategy... srs... i read it somewhere that when they give u fries they fill the bag with some... what they noticed is that when people go to McD's the fries in the bag are always eaten first (most prized) so as a kicker they fill up the bag with them and the cup...


In and Out is good, but it's nothing to write home about. Same with Five Guys. I was so excited to finally try Five Guys, but it was really disappointing. Like smh, my Five Guys was in Bingotown...maybe it's just that one. My brother in law said it was awesome, but I think he's just drunk or something.




They just opened a smashburger 5 minutes from my house. It's currently my favorite fast food burger.


Have had both and like some have mentioned the customizablitly of 5 Guys is unmatched, but In-N-Out is just to damn good. 3x3 w/ onions for 4 bucks with a crispy bun, 3 pieces of melted cheese, and good produce. In-N-Out all the way.


5G / I&O are both overhyped.

re: Smashburger-- A definite destination when I go to Ft. Collins on biz... (oooh, again in a few weeks)