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Burger vs. Sandwich


when it comes to recovering/growing (protein and calories) assuming the same amount of bread and what not, which would be a better choice, a hamburger or a sandwich with a bunch of deli meats?


Wich ever one has more calories.

And yes I know this isnt always the case... so dont call me on it.

I would eat them both just to make sure.




That really depends on the type of meats. If it's lean beef, that's perfectly fine. Though sat. fat isn't necessarily an enemy, it's best to keep it under 30% of the meat's calories. It also will result in a heavier patty after cooking, since the less fat, the less lost weight after cooking, the more "filling" it will be.

If it's deli meats, heavily processed stuff like salami, with all it's preservatives as well as the high sat. fat isn't the best choice. Turkey breast or roast beef would be better. Especially if either hasn't been too processed.

Now some may scoff at keeping the fat calories somewhat low, because you need some fats, but it's my opinion that there are better choices as fat than those from animal meat. Surely some is fine, but why eat a burger that is 50/50 when you can have one that is 85/15, tastes just as good, and then enjoy your favorite nuts with it?


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Excellent point!

OP after the burgers and sandwiches, make sure to finnish it off with a bunch of nuts.

Just kidden....


Ahem....not nuts of the scrotal kind. Save that for you woman as a pre bed snack.


The burger is a better choice as you should never ever eat lunch meats. They are pumped full of nitrates and other preservatives that are horrible for you.


Well, that depends on what brand you buy. You can find turkey that is cooked and packaged unsliced, and is usually free of all the nitrates and other fillers. But you have to look around.


im at college and im talking about the dining hall food, so i know both are pretty bad when it comes to how they're processed


LMAO@ this thread

This is ridiculous. Provided the calories, carbohydrate, protein, and fat content are the same, trying to decide which food is better for recovery is bordering on obsessive compulsive, and at the very least focusing on the minutia.

Before anyone jumps my shit, I'm talking about normal foods here, not Surge vs. a chicken breast and brown rice of the same caloric content.

Eat the burger because the name is manlier and that will make you stronger.



I know nitrates are bad for you but why?


They form meta-nitrosamines when reacting with the hydrochloric acid in your gut, and these have been implicated in the development of certain cancers, most notably colorectal cancer.


Hands down, the best answer yet, ahaha!