Burger King for dieting

No, not the Atkins Whopper…

…but the Chicken Cesar Salad…I know everyone knows what to order if you have to order from fast food places, but this thing is quite good and at less than $4, it provides a hell of a low carb high protein meal.

Salad with one pack dressing:

Not sure why I felt the need to post this, except maybe that I like it so much…

Personally, I go for the Double Whopper, without mayo, a cup of chile and a diet coke.

i haven’t had burger king in probably 3 or 4 years…but if you must…

id have to question those protein numbers. i doubt they use a full breast of chicken per salad. and the chicken they do use is probably not of the highest quality.

why don’t you just buy some pre cooked chicken and a bag of lettuce and make your own salad.

I agree with T-Quinn.

It’s cheaper, and easier to manipulate the P/C/F ratios.

Dan “The Manipulator/Prestidigitator” McVicker

P Dog, the protein is probably accurate, it’s about 3-4 oz…plus they count the protein in the ~slice or so of parmesean cheese.

D"something relavent"M: true, it is cheaper…but I get the salad there when I haven’t the time to prep for myself…pinch food.