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BunnyQuest s6/ b4/ dl7/ Raw


Looks like my log was filled to capacity... and as was pointed out by Ouroboro and Rugger, couldn't have come at a better time with the culmination of my first foray into the world of the powerlifting competitions.

So, here we go into the next stage of training, and the original destination/ reason for my training... the WPFG the first week of August.

My goals for this meet... 700 deadlift and a 400 bench... raw.

Things I learned in my first meet...

1) Do not start laughing while weighing in nekked...

2) Do not wink at said judge while weighing in... nekked

3) Do not think sexy thoughts while wearing a skin tight singlet

4) Do not put your own baby powder on your legs and rub it in before deadlifting

5) Do not try to crack jokes with someone (you don't know) who is obviously stressed out

6) Do not warm up with someone's opener for bench or deadlift... at least until they are finished

7) Do not ask your competition what weight they are opening with, and what their second attempt is going to be

These are some of the things I seen people get upset about... these are not things that I did ( except for #'s 1 through 5 lol!)

I am sure there are a lot more that will come to me after I think about it for a bit...


6 is just too bad for whoever is getting upset about it.

7 is reasonable, that's asking for someone to give away their strategy.

I don't want to think too hard about 1-5, actually...

Cool and appropriate thread name, big fella.


Be careful who rubs the powder on your legs as it could lead to number 3 as well.


ahem hahaha... true that!


Nice list JackedWabbit and cool title

I think you could get away with #3 combined with #2 for bonus points!


Like the goals. And all important items to observe in that list..:slight_smile:


Okay, I rubbed powder on a few peoples legs on Saturday and now I'm pissed that no one (visibly) experienced #3. Fuck.

I love the new thread title.

I'm looking forward to following your gear up for the August meet.


That ain't gonna earn ya no extra white lights brother!


Great new goals and new thread. Are you going to stick with the push/pull format or hit any 3 lift meets?


Very tight/thick briefs...all I'm saying.


Thanks Hel! I am gonna stay with the push/ pull until after the meet in August, then set my sights ahead a few months for a 3 lift meet and really start working the squat.


hey... did you not notice I did not stand up for about 5 minutes after that lol!


"look, I have a snowplow belt buckle on my mantard!"


Lol MJ!!

Ok, taking some advice and took it (somewhat) easy today. Just felt tired/ drained all week... the mind is in gear, the body is following relunctantly.


bar x warmup
135x warmup
(belt on)
(working sets)
565 x 3 sets of 3


315 x 3 sets of 3


That's it... was gonna do some more but body telling me different. This session was completed in about 50 minutes. Gonna increase the protein in my diet, see if I can't jump start my system.


Here's a question for you ... why bunny? No offense but when I look at you I don't think bunny rabbits.


Cuz "buffy" was already taken?


Fixed that for ya. :slight_smile:


Great new thread, great workout. Looking forward to following along and keeping my comments to the peanut gallery


I still need water samples from the house you grew up in..
I want to see i I drink it will I get taller.

I am feeling a little bit tiny after reading this log and seeing the videos'

I heard bunny is canadian for sasquatch.



That's right buddy. The women all squat in booty shorts and the men are hyooooge. It's all the lumber jacks and beaver hats and what not. I blame the French.