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Bunny Bench - How do You Train?


It's obvious at the age of 19, that you have read a couple articles and know everything. You even have no pics posted of your awesome physique posted to prove you are TEH MANZ!

Please tell us how you train, what your diet is like and what experience you have to prove your theories. This way, those of us on here who want to get bigger and stronger and look better will know that, no matter how confused we get, we can do the complete OPPOSITE of what you espouse and actually make bodybuilding progress.


I not long ago saw another thread in which one T Nation member was belittling another T Nation member regarding how clueless about training they are. And that thread was started by a large, knowlegdeable, experienced, strong, mature individual.

You seem to be all of the above things,knowledgeable etc. Why the need to bash someone else who clearly knows less than you, probably partly because of their age?


Probably because the particular poster "being bashed" acts like he knows what he is talking about and "bashes" the people that actually do know what they are talking about.

How about you stop playing forum cop, stfu, and let this thread, which was and still is funny, run its course? How does that sound?

If this thread stops just one newb from listening to stupid ass Bunny Bitch then it has done more good than it could ever harm the little troll you are tryign to defend.


oh I see, big guy pokes fun at little guy and everyone else can have a good laugh.

and youre ok with that?


If the small guy was acting like he knew more than the big guys and being an idiot?



Way to miss teh entire point of my post.

Maybe the internet isn't your strong suit.


oh I got what you meant, the newb will be taught a lesson etc.

whatever makes you feel like the big man, I suppose


And yet, here you are, teaching everyone else a lesson?

Circular hypocrisy FTW, lol.


Forum self-regulation....its needed from time to time. If you don't like it.........


difference is some of you are trying to teach a lesson in how to be the big man, if you must say I'm teaching a lesson, I suppose it is in how to be an adult?


If you ever read any of my posts and read his, you wouldn't even have to ask that question. This isn't about teaching anyone to be a big man. It's about teaching boys to stay out of grown men's conversations unless you have something worthwhile to add. As a Scotsman, I would think you understood that. Apparently, basing my positive assumption of all Scots upon my SO and her family was an error on my part.


If this thread was on facebook...... I'd click like.


I personally would love to hear how Bunny bench got so swolz and would appreciate it if you weren't trying to stop me from gaining some knowledge.

I mean, honestly, why are you trying to stop me from doing better?!!!!


Who the hell is Bunny Bench???


Only THE newest authority on weight lifting in the beginner's forum.

Gosh, dude, like, get with the program.


He bigger than you. You mad? Is you mad, dog?


Alright, found it:


I was wondering what the thread in question was. Though he's probably all over the entire beginner's forum, I'd imagine this is probably the thread that initiated this one.


Could you reword that for me? 10 years ago a hypnotist caused me to be unable to take anything seriously when using blatantly overused and played out pop-culture jargon as a source of humor.




That thread is awful. That beginner's forum is awful. Same old newbies who, if they wanted to look like Brad Pitt in 2005, now want to look like GSP in 2011.

Any vet that strays in there to give advice I truly give credit to.