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Bunk Test Prop Question


I ordered some test prop a couple of months ago. It seems to be bunk gear. It didn't lead to any muscle gain, and it didn't cause any side effects at all -- no acne, no oily skin, no shrinkage, no bloating. Initially, I was injecting 0.75 mL per day (of a purportedly 100 mg/mL solution). After I began to feel more certain it was extremely underdosed, I upped it to 1 mL per day for a couple of weeks and then upped it to 1.5 mL per day for another couple of weeks.

If it had been accurately dosed, that would have been 1,050 mg of test prop per week (on my first cycle); however, I still experienced no positive or negative effects. I did, however, experience intense, long-lasting post-injection soreness throughout the time I was injecting, and during the first 10 days or so of injecting, I experienced flu-like symptoms.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with bunk gear? I thought it was primarily the propionate ester that was responsible for the post-injection soreness and test flu that comes with using test prop. Do some labs add the prop ester or other chemicals to their bunk gear so that it will hurt like real gear?


Definately sounds like fake gear to me. Sorry man