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Bunk Suspension?

Hi all. Have some stuff been preparing for a first cycle. Ordered some stuff from 2 different sources. One is a friend of a friend whom I trust, but he did not have suspension, so i ordered suspension from what i believe to be a legit online source, bc I intend to run a BR 2 weeker. I also have prop, dbol, var, and winny from my personal source.

Anyways, I had a nice date lined up last night, and I figured that would be a good time to test out the suspension, since im not cycling yet and suspension hits quickly and leaves the bloodstream relatively quickly. I shot 0.5 ml (100mg/ml) about 3 hours beforehand, Intramuscularly with a 3cc needle. which was yesterday, and stacked with proviron and cialis (figured that would make for a crazy night LOL).

So I really did not notice anything from the test. I have never used test, but from what ive read, I should have noticed a serious increase in libido from that. I was turned on, able to get it up, but nothing out of the ordinary, and probably even less than the average night. Were my expectations of the suspension high, or perhaps the suspension is not legit?

I was thinking about trying it maybe another night at a full ml to see how I react. I dont wanna start a cycle with fake stuff, so I figured id post this. I am no stranger to IM injects, BTW, so that was not the issue. The suspension is milky white color. People describe suspension as “hitting like a freight train,” so im a lil suspicious.

Any thoughts appreciated. Flame away, im ready. :slight_smile:

I definitely feel it. Increased heart rate, aggression, sweating, erection hardness and focus. I pin 75mg before every hockey and rugby game, and there’s certainly no mistaking it. That being said, I usually already have exogenous androgens in my system as a base.


Just out of curiousity, what have you injected intramuscularly in the past if you have never used test?


.5ml was 100mg?

I have never seen suspension over 100mg/ml

That being said, I definitely notice a difference when I take it before competitions.

Bigskwatta- I shot 0.5 ml dosed at 100 per ml- so it was a 50 mg dose, which from what I’ve read I should have felt.
Singhbuilder- did not mean I’ve shot myself Intramuscularly- it’s part of my job.
Sorry for the confusion.