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Bunk Gear- Crashing?


I have 5-6 vials of test from 2 separate sources. I ran the test prop for 14 days and dropped it because I noticed absolutely nothing. I got more prop from a different source and dropped it after 10 days because I noticed nothing yet again.

Dose was 75mg ed.

2 weeks later, I look in my drawer full of gear, and one of the vials of prop that did nothing for me is full of crystals!

Does this mean it's not bunk?

Why did I not notice anything?

If the vials were stored in a room that is too cold is it possible that injecting them would yield nothing?

Cycle History: nothing but GH, IGF-1, and fake gear (i think)
Age: 18


I have vials of real UG lab test cyp that crashed, I just drop the vial into a mug of boiling water for five minutes and it's fine.

So I suppose that real gear can crash to, which means that if gear crashes it it not necessarily bunk.

The fact it gave you no effects shows it is bunk though, obviously do not buy from this source again.

At 18 you're probably dodged a bullet...


What I meant was, "How can fake gear crash?". If there are crystals then wtf are they?

Dodged a bullet?


It means that you are too young for AAS use.


Putting all opinions aside, can someone offer some info on how the gear can be crashing if it gave me no results?


Seriously, it could be anything in there.


Thank you. So just because I see crystals doesn't mean they are test. Wow, looks I actually did dodge a bullet if it could have anything.


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What a shit show. Well it's nothing harmful as far as I can tell, I'll try to run it alongside my gear on another cycle.



just another stupid kid.

get your head out of your ass and learn to eat and train. you didnt notice anything because you dont know how to eat or train properly. If you did know how to eat or train properly you, at EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD, would be gaining muscle at a ridiculously fast clip.

get a clue.


It's not like that at all actually take a look at my avatar. Maybe it isn't the smartest decision to start cycling now, but that is my own decision.

When I use test that doesn't affect my libido, doesn't make my skin oily, doesn't affect the scale and my strength, then I know it is bunk.


hey man Arnold was eating handfulls of dbols at 15 years old. I wish I had know that when I was 15, lol trying to gain muscle and wondering why I wasn't as big as arnold at that age. If I knew what I know now, I'd of been gearing early too.


if you want to test your prop, open the vial and fish the crystals out. Melting point of test prop is 118-121 degrees celcius. put them in your oven on a pan with a thermometer right beside it and see at what temperature the crystals melt to liquid.


Hey I have perscription cyp that crashes so maybe BBB is correct. Just heat it up and run it for 5-6 weeks before you decide.