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Bunk Gear, Bridge Into Cycle with Legit Gear


Hello guys,

I'm 30 years old, have over 10 years of gym experience and after all those years I've reached a 232lbs with about 16% BF (6foot). Not great I know, but I gave it the best I could (having a lot of work on the job, house hold etc).

A few months ago I made the switch to the dark side. It was a hard thing to do for me and I gave it a lot of thought.

The cycle I was on:

Week 1-6: Test E 500mg/week (250 on Monday and Thursday)
Week 7-12: Test E 750mg/week (Due to unexpected holiday plans by the wife I had to cut my cycle short from 16 weeks and so I decided to bump the dose).

I used Arimidex @ 0,5 EOD since about week 4 because I had itchy and sensitive nips. As from the sides went away I lowered the dose to 0,25mg E3D.

My diet was on the spot 3200-3500kcal (50% protein, 30% fats, 20% carbs). No carbs after midday. My training routine was 5 to 6 days a week strength training for 50 minutes (all out) and about 30 minutes of medium intensity cardio afterwards.

My goal was to shred some fat and increase muscle mass.

This is the last week and my gains are FAR below expectations... So I fear my gear was no good..

I had almost no weight gain (2 pounds give or take), but experienced some strength gains on some bodyparts (noticable but far from "freakish" as stated on many forums). I do look a little leaner.

The sides were shrunken nuts, some acne here and there, a lot more aggression and libio.

I was not very pleased when I did a new BF test and found out my BF had INCREASED with 1% while my total weight was almost the same.

I have found a new source (some1 I know very well) and he told me to cycle a Test Prop with Tren A (EOD injections for both) and some Winstrol depot.

Now for my question:

My gear might not have been completely bunk, but surely underdosed (Iranian brand). My PCT will start in a few weeks with Nolvadex (40/20/20/20).

Is it a good idea to bridge into the new cycle with 250mg Test E/week (for some weeks till I get the new gear). Or should I PCT with Nolva, wait some time and then start the new cycle? How long should I wait then?

Thanks for reading and the advice.



Do a PCT as you said you have nut shrinkage so it sounds like your gear had something in it. You should look at your diet and training because if you have acne, aggression, signs of increased estrogen (sensitive nipples) and testicular atrophy, it doesn't sound like the gear was your problem as it relates to weight gain.

Then wait 16 weeks and try again. I wouldn't necessarily do Tren as your first "real" cycle, but its up to you as long as you read about it (for example, Tren acetate should be injected ED, not EOD).


@ TRTblastcruise

Thanks for the response. You are correct about the gear. If it were complete bunk, I wouldn't have had the sides.

About the Tren Ace: I've read a lot about it and I see ED and EOD theories. It's not clear what to believe anymore :slightly_smiling:


The only theory behind eod tren injections is laziness.

My opinion is teheres no need at all for 3 drugs. Test is fine at this stage. Treat this as a first cycle. Dobt take cycle advice from a dealer. Conflict of interest when profit margin comes into play


@ Bonez

My source is not a dealer himself, but a life long user :wink:. How long should I wait after my PCT in your opinion?

The only reason I wanted to use the Tren Ace was for its cutting abilities. EOD injections was something I saw possible, but ED for 8-10 weeks in a row is not that attractive to me.

Maybe I'll stick with some Test Prop EOD and some winny. Sleepless nights from the Tren are something I can't afford with my work.


I think the test prop is a good idea, fast acting and it will get you use to pinning a little more often ( EOD vs ED ) . Im still a firm believer in the fundamentals of bodybuilding and believe AAS is simply a tool. Test should be enough for you to maintain muscle mass while following a strict diet and high intensity training regimine....JMHO


There's no debate necessary: ED injections for tren ace. And again, you probably shouldn't use it yet.

"Cutting" is diet and exercise dependent, not compound dependent, meaning just using tren or winny isn't going to "cut you up".

As for winny, better be oral as injectable should be ED as well.


Thanks all. I know AAS are a tool, that's why I stated in my first post that my diet is in check. When you read posts on forums about ppl who've used test only their results seem much higher.

I'll leave the tren for a future cycle and try the Test Prop with winny oral.

Thanks again