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Bunk Anavar in Capsulated Form?


The “proprietary blend” is an interesting theory. I myself purchased 30 mg capsules of anavar from what is supposed to be from a reputable source with connections to a big name retired bodybuilder. I took exactly 5 capsules over the course of 3 days and felt it working like crazy. I immediately stopped, was concerned it wasn’t really anavar. I pulled the orange no print capsule open and gave it a taste test. Tasted a little like sugar. I’m sure if it is Var powder they have to fill the capsules with something. Var powder is actually granular, I did develop some stomach pains. I’d love to give it another go but am concerned it’s some crazy shit like Tren cattle pellets. Not interested in that! Anyone ever get Var like this in capsules? Also what are the pros and cons of swallowing Var granulated powder?