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BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen - Advice

Hello people, I wonder if anyone out there can give me some informed advice about this: I’m just about to undergo a recruitment health check to qualify for a new job, and last time I had a health check and had my blood tested (for my current job), my BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level was pretty high and I got recalled for more tests, and had to explain to the doctor that I had a really high protein diet.

Because it’s a recruitment health check, I realy want everything to be completely normal and go smoothly, so that I can get the job!

So I was wondering - how long would it take for my BUN levels to drop if I reduced my protein intake? Like for example if I just didn’t eat any protein all morning, would my BUN level have gone down by the time of the test in the afternoon? or would it take a couple of days?

I know it’s a pretty obscure question, but if anyone actually knows about this I would be really grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance!

Though to say But a bigger thing will be NOT lifting for a few days prior not doing high damage to your muscle fibers and release a ton of protein trash into the blood take it easy for a few days prior and maybe drop the protein intake.


Thanks for the Reply Phill. I was reading up on BUN etc, and it looks like you might be right there. Damn that sucks…