Bumping Weekly Injection Back 2 Days

Started a cycle last week. 500mg Test Cyp Weekly for 12 weeks. My question is I injected last Saturday, but it is easier for me to inject Thursday night. Any issue injecting the 500 tonight and sticking to thursdays? I know dumb question and I’m pretty sure it’s not a big deal.

Why wouldn’t you split dosage and inject 2x per week?

Easier for me once a week right now

You can do once a week, but there is a potential for more side effects. More frequency generally means more consistent hormone levels (Test, E2, DHT…), and more consistent hormone levels usually means less side effects.

It wouldn’t sit well with me, because I try to do things close to optimally (OCD like), but it will work.


Easier is not to inject at all… If you do, might aswell do it right.
Once a week is pretty shit imo.
As a ED injecter i approve max EOD.


Twice a week would be better. But given your current circumstances you won’t notice a difference if your next shot is two days later than planned.


I just don’t feel most need this unless it’s a real short ester. I still know tons of guys injecting every two weeks or more. No issues. I’m not arguing that it’s way better the more frequent you dose, but twice weekly is by far enough for most on long esters.

my brain agrees… my OCD says “you cant inject twice a week, because there are 7 days”… you can only do ED or EOD or it just makes my eye twitch :smiley:


You would have hated my M,W,F protocol. TBH, it just didn’t sit right with me having uneven spacing, so I switched to EOD. The M,W,F probably worked just fine lol, just bothered my brain more than anything.


It’s funny how we look forward to that next stick! :joy:

Ha, my OCD told me to do 8a M, 4p W, 12a F to make sure the spacing was exact lol. That didn’t last long

Switched to 250 Monday and 250 Thursday, much better to be honest thats for the info guys.

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