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Bumping Up My Kcal


Im up to 171 from 162 in November. Im at 3000 kcal each day, 2600 on rest days. Im going to start some pulsing/protocol stuff in a week. Having said that, is literally having a whole pizza for a cheat metabolic stupidity? Not sure if I will do it once week if I'm on protocol.

Im at 330-350 Protein and 280 carb (120 on rest days)

Trying to get to 180 and beyond.


Could probably bump your Cals up more imo. I maintain on about 2800 and I'm not huge at all.


Increase the calories on the off days. Or are you really getting 400 calories in peri-workout nutrition?


Should I bump up my carbs on off days to what they are on normal days? I intake 75 grams of protein and 90 grams of carbs before my workouts. The rest of my carbohydrates are in my breakfast, and 90 minutes after my workout. My pre-workout shake is about 700 kcal.

When I begin the protocol I will use the dosing schedule that is recommended, but I still want to make sure I'm eating enough on top of that. If I get 100 grams of carbs from the protocol, then I am thinking that I should take the carbs I would have had in my own pre-workout shake and replace or spread them out throughout the day with actual whole carb sources. I'm feeling hesitant not counting the protocols macros, and 2 pulses in my nutrition.

Thanks for all the feedback and help, I really appreaciate it and helps a lot.


Thanks for the input, now I gotta bump them sensibly.


how would u guys suggest the best way to bump up kcals while carb cycling? increasing kcals in which days?


Usually on your most intense workouts. Check out the carb cycling threads for more info. Here's one: