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Bumping My TRT Dose Up a Little for a Few Weeks

i know this is not the steroid forums and Ive never done a cycle. Ive successfully been on trt for maybe a year now. Lots of tests, no Ai needed, no HCT issue, yet anyway. I know things can change.

I dose 180mg split in 2x week. I have a decent amount of T left. Ive been dosing the same the whole time. IM at the top of the level 1000-1200.

IM wondering if i bumped my dose up to 225 or so for just a few weeks if it would help me get over a last physical hump. I guess kinda like a mini blast. Not wanting to stay any higher, just wanting to use up some old T and maybe break the last bodyfat level.

I know it may increase my E2, Ive got Ai on hand.

Im thinking of doing it, eating and lifting hard and then going back down 2-3 weeks before my bloods. I get from a clinic so I probably wont have a chance to do this again. Somehow I ended up with extra.

You won’t notice a difference.

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If your gonna blast then blast don’t half ass it expecting any results

haha. Whats not half assing it? I guess I will have to read up on blasts. In the name of science maybe I will go up some more just to use it before it becomes too old and see what happens. Some is already months old and I wont toss it. I dont know how the hell I ended up with so much extra.

When I say half assing I mean it in the sense of you only having a little extra to barely run more than what your trt dose is for a short period of 3 weeks. This in my opinion is a half assed attempt at a blast. Half assed attempts yeild half assed or no results. In your situation the only benefit you might get is from a placebo effect.

Not half assing would be to spend the time sourcing some quality testosterone then using 500mg/week for 12 weeks before dropping back to your trt dose.

Im a big believer in doing things the efficient and effective way in all aspects of life. In your situation half assing won’t yield any negative results so your ok as far as any harm goes. But using this same thought process towards others things in life can bring up negative consequences.


Makes sense. I never cared about taking T or any other anabolics until I realized TRt may help and of course now, i wish I would have discovered it years prior. Perhaps I will do just that at some point when I can focus my attention on diet and workout more uninterupted. I’ll try this and see how it goes maybe at 250. Im already doing well so maybe it will be enough to push me where I want to be. My fear of doing too much would be I tend to get tendon issues when I work out too heavy or too often. if I built some big beef, i wouldnt be able to maintain but maybe do it anyway.

Get some UGL and go 500mg a week.That’s a blast.

Just be sure to quit six weeks before a blood test,

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Trust me bro it’s a waste of time. Dont mess with your trt. If your already in check with trt as far as e2 and hct it’s not worth fooling with it. Like they said… if you really want to blast just get some ugl test and go for it.