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Bumping into the Safety Pins During Squats.

This happens to me occasionally - I’ll go a little too slow and hit the safety bars with my barbell. When this happens, the lift seems to become a little more difficult. Is there any reason for this or is it mostly in my head? I’m not crashing into the pins - it’s usually just a light touch so I never tend to lose much stabilization. Similarly, if I squatted down and rested on the safety pins for a second or two, will it make squatting up become a lot more difficult?

By resting the bar on the pins you allow the tension to come off the muscle, losing the normal stretch reflex.
Similar to the effect of a pause at the bottom of a bench or a box squat.

It makes the lift a little more difficult.

This happens to me sometimes. Damn rack rails are too high. It throws me out of line sometimes. Just try to avoid it however if you accidentally touch, just know that it means you went down far enough LOL

Lower the rack rails if possible.