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Bumper Weight Repair


I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this question or not, but I thought it would find the greatest number of people that could help.

I am needing to have several bumper weights repaired in my weight room. Over time, the collars on the inside have cracked and broken or popped out. I was hoping to find someone that fixes them but have not had luck online. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks.



Sounds like a job for a machine shop, to have the old "bearings" drilled out, new ones fabricated and pressed in. More than likely you will find this to be cost prohibitive unless you have a friend who will do it as a "side" job.


What kind are they?


They're York brand bumper weights....the thick rubber coated kind. I think the inner collar is brass. Any other advice? I would think there is a company somewhere that would do it for pretty cheap. We're starting to just use them without the collars, but I would think that would wear on them quicker.


I wish I could be of help, I can only empathize. My lifting buddy has a bunch of these bumpers and they were all ruined when the college's baseball team (under direction from the coach) took their bats and beat the shit out of the brass sleeves as part of the team's workout. I have no idea why, but the end result is several hundred kilos of useless bumpers sitting around collecting dust.


That might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Any other suggestions?


No suggestions, as I have tried looking for someplace to repair some Mavrik bumper plates also, with no luck. Most people I have talked to have told me that they cannot be repaired, and I don't think I would trust repairing the bushings. I was just trying to repair the cracked rubber, not the bushing. Good luck, and I will watch this in case something comes up that will work.


This is what I don't miss about working in a college athletic department. Stuff like that happens more often than one can imagine.