Bumper Training Plates

Anyone know where I can pickup some 5lb and 10lb bumper plates from for cheap? I have seen some made by “Hampton”. Anyone used these before? Are they going to break in half the first time they hit the platform? Any quality + durable + cheap brands you guys found?

Nobody has anything to offer??

I have to ask why you want 5 and 10 lb bumpers.

Even good quality 5 kilo (11 pound) bumpers are pretty flimsy. They’ll work if you JUST have those on the bar, but I wouldn’t be throwing on much more weight.

The same goes for the 2.5 kilo (5.5 pound) bumpers.

Basically what I’m saying is that you need to have at least 10 kilo bumpers if you’re wanting to add any significant amount of weight to the bar. And no, I don’t know of any place to get them. I’m fortunate enough to belong to gym that has bumpers and platforms.

I am trying to teach some female athletes Olympic lifts and I want them starting in the right position off of the floor. The smallest bumper plate I have access to is a 25lb, which is way more than I want to start these girls at.

The only other option I have is to use 10lb plates (regular size) off of boxes. I don’t like the idea of them missing a lift and dropping a bar with two small 10lb plates on our platforms or boxes.

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Mike, Thanks. I didn’t think to check Amazon. Those will work and are fairly cheap. I am purchasing these out of my own pocket b/c the college I work for finacially sucks. It would probably take an act of Congress just to try to get these purchased w/ our budget constraints.

What about the PVC light plates from Glenn Pendlay?